Wraps Wristband Earphones Review

Wraps Wristband Earphones Black.jpg

Earphones fall out of pockets, get left behind on train seats and most commonly get tangled. Wraps are a unique solution to all of this and entice us to keep our earphones wrapped around our wrists as a wristband or bracelet of sorts. Whilst an alluring idea, are wristband earphones known as Wraps actually something that you want to wear day-to-day?

Design & Ease of Use

Unlike traditional earphones Wraps dilute the standard characteristics. Instead, what we have here for all intents and purposes, is a rustic wristband fashion accessory. The cable is fabric coated, the 3.5mm aux jack is beaded and the actual aluminium earphones are tiny! Our Wraps are from the classic collection, but also on offer are faux leather and beaded wood varieties in many colours.

Wrapping the Wraps earphones around our wrists was definitely a 5 minute occupation when we were first getting to grips with them. However, after repetition we can get them from our ears and secured around our wrist in under 40 seconds. The mechanism keeping them locked ingeniously uses the 3.5mm jack and earphones together as illustrated within our photos. On occasion, when in a rush, we have tucked them into the forbidden pocket, so it’s not always an attractive proposition in haste. Perhaps it would be worth the company exploring a magnetic method?


The sheer dinky sizing of the earphones is most odd when popping them into the ears - it feels as if you’re pushing the entire earphones down the ear-canal. But in terms of comfort we have really enjoyed the discreetness of the fit when using the medium sized silicone tips (4 sizes included) and they stick in the ears so well you can go running with them in place. Other aspects of the Wraps that make life more comfortable include the button on the wire for controlling music - and also for answering phone calls thanks to an inbuilt mic too.

Audio Performance

If you have an appetite for loud volume, then the Wraps will make you feel full. More importantly though, the audio quality produced is actually all right. Whilst the price point is low, they do boast titanium drivers. Yes, our ears have heard better from the likes of the £35 Philips SHE9105 Earphones. But having said that, Wraps do clearly have a USP that the Philips' pair is lacking.

Frequencies are generally tightly bound, which is expected with such budget earphones, and with tracks like ‘24K Magic’ by Bruno Mars a need for greater bass is highlighted. But the top high-range sandwiched with the mid-range does truly sound quite rich and the Wraps earphones could definitely be someone's daily ear pleasers within the price range. Music sounds exciting and most importantly there’s no noise or reverb to report from the close proximity of the drivers within the aluminium casing.


Wraps are definitely an inventive and rather clean solution to misplacing earphones and also stopping them from tangling. They’re a stylish fashion accessory with surprising ear pleasing audio quality. Now we're wearing earphones as wristbands we’re one step closer to having sunglasses with inbuilt speakers!