Starbucks Reserve Christmas Blend Review

Starbucks Reserve Christmas Blend

Well, it's that time of year again, when Starbucks have their latest special Reserve coffee blended specifically for Christmas for £10.95 a bag. It's always an exciting moment taking our first sip of this seasonal beverage so we thought we should share the experience with you for 2016.

What is Starbucks Special Reserve

Each month of the year Starbucks produce hand selected blends of small-lot coffees and make them available to subscribers only, and this culminates in the exclusive Christmas blend. This year's holiday season blend is taken from two coffee beans that are fairly rare. The first is Hacienda Alsacia, a trade-marked bean grown at Starbucks' own farm in Costa Rica, and the second is an aged Sumatra bean that has been hand selected. These two beans are then exclusively roasted at the Starbucks' roastery and tasting room in Seattle. 

Our supply of this Christmas coffee blend has been pre-ground by Starbucks and is in a gift pack that includes a smart crocodile clip and attractive tag that can be used for gifting to others. 

Infusing the Coffee

Because we would generally choose to grind the beans ourselves, allowing us to perfect the grind against brewing ratio and keeping everything fresh, we found we had to discover the best way to use this pre-ground coffee supplied from Starbucks. At our first attempt we did have a few problems, with our Sage machine simply producing a very watered down coffee infusion. However, by utilising the slower method of infusion offered from either our Aero-Press or a French cafetière we discovered the perfect brewing time and learnt the lesson that such pre-ground coffees need that extra 'drip' time rather than the forceful pressure of such a coffee machine.

The Aroma and Taste

One thing is for sure, by making the coffee via the slower 'drip' method we are able to breath in the subtle aromas of this Christmassy blend of coffee for much longer. Put simply, the olfactory effects of Starbucks Reserve Christmas 2016 coffee in the making send your senses into a whirlwind of awaited pleasure in the tasting. And when the moment comes to take your first sip you will not be disappointed; the taste is truly original and is definitely steeped in seasonal flavour. The immediate taste is an intoxicating woodsy flavour making the coffee appear to be laced with alcohol, which it most certainly is not, but then the flavours turn to seasonal spices and a lemony zest that is truly an original taste for a blend of coffee. The flavours and aromas distinctly reflect those anticipated for the 'Holiday Season' and Starbucks should be commended for their commitment in discovering such original tastes at their Seattle roastery - although for a coffee addict this must be a job sent from Heaven!

To Sum Up

Once again Starbucks have produced a great seasonal blend of coffee. Christmas will come to you with every brew and taste of their Starbucks Reserve Christmas 2016 special blend.