Hyde & Sleep Mattress Review

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At Slinky Studio our reviewers have now all had the chance to sleep on the very latest revolutionary memory foam mattresses that have taken the UK by storm over the last twelve months. Our latest is the British made Hyde and Sleep Pocket Sprung Hybrid Plus mattress (the UK double at £599 - which comes with a 100 night sleep trial) which includes 2,000 (king size ratio) micro pocket HD springs layered with next-gen memory foam.

Out of the Box

The Hyde and Sleep mattress arrived in a very sturdy box; branded in dark pink for the Pocket Sprung Hybrid Plus. With two carrying holes in the top of the box, despite being reasonably heavy, it was easy for two people to manoeuvre. Of course, the great thing about this type of mattress is that unwrapping takes place directly in the bedroom, thus avoiding the necessity of having to carry the inflated mattress through the house. Once out of the box the mattress is laid directly on to whatever bed frame you have - in our case a divan base - and it is very well wrapped in a thick airtight bag. At this point we checked the box for any instructions or advice for unwrapping the mattress and to our surprise there was no written information included. This may have been an oversight, but with previous memory foam mattresses we've reviewed there have been details and instructions - even a helpful opening tool in the case of the Emma mattress - and not having these could be confusing if you have never previously had a memory foam mattress. However, on opening the airtight bag with scissors the mattress immediately sprung into life, sucking in air until it reached full size. It is ready to use within a few hours. The Hyde and Sleep mattress does not have any bad odours when first opened, which is something we could not say on opening any other mattress in  box type so far.

Design and Materials

Firstly, let's talk about the aesthetics of the Hyde and Sleep mattress, which are certainly unique and pleasing, with the bright pink contour line complementing the white and grey luxurious and breathable cover of the mattress. The Hyde and Sleep Pocket Sprung Hybrid Plus, being the top of the line variant from the company, not only contains inside a supportive base layer of cooling memory foam but also a layer of mini pocket springs sandwiched between a layer of next generation memory foam. (These pocket springs are also featured in both the Casper and Emma mattresses we've previously reviewed and do make a difference.) Additionally their memory foam uses anti-bacterial technology to protect the mattress from dust mites and bacteria.

Sleeping Experience

Having slept on quality sprung mattress and divan sets for many years, we did always think you could not get a better night’s sleep on any other bed. How wrong we were, because over the last year we have been tallying up had some of our best nights sleeps ever with the eve, Casper & Emma mattress and the Hyde & Sleep takes our journey down a new path of tranquility. The Pocket Sprung Hybrid Plus is so supportive with its HD Pocket Springs that individually adjust to the contours of your body as you sleep, that even our colleague who confesses he is of a larger size, finds the benefit to him has been that the springs help to distribute his body weight and reduce the build up of pressure points. His wife is pleased that she no longer suffers from the wave effect when he turns over during the night and this has improved her sleeping experience immensely too!

At 25cm deep, and probably because of the pocket springs, the mattress has a satisfying and slightly firmer posture than mattresses made solely from memory foam such as the eve. The Hyde and Sleep mattress uses the advanced technology of Next-Gen memory foam which coupled with the uniquely textured sleep surface, feels heavenly soft and is an exceptionally comfortable top layer. After sleeping on the Hyde and Sleep mattress for several weeks you find you actually look forward to going to bed. The improved sleeping experience leaves you feeling so much more refreshed in the morning as your sleeping pattern improves considerably from the deep sleep it promotes. One thing we have noticed is how quickly we fall asleep once in the bed. This is partly due to the Luxe Pillow which we also have from Hyde and Sleep. Due to the bulk of the Luxe Pillow only one is needed, and this has definitely helped make an appreciable improvement to our nightly sleeping experience too. The firmness, comfort and cooling is just like a duck/goose feather pillow.

Hyde & Sleep Pocket Sprung Hybrid Plus Mattress Luxe Pillow Bag Packaging


The Hyde and Sleep Pocket Sprung Hybrid Plus mattress definitely gets the thumbs up from us. The inclusion of the micro pocket HD springs takes this memory foam mattress to the next level of comfort, especially for those who have traditionally had a sprung mattress and divan. For people who have never tried a memory foam mattress and want that springy character Hyde and Sleep offer a 100 night rest test. They also include a 10 year guarantee and free delivery.