STM Dux Case for iPad Air 2 Review

STM Dux iPad Air 2 Case Autumn

STM have a solid track record at the studio and the proof is in the years of usage we’ve had with their cases and bags - we use an older one of the latter to this day. So when we saw that this new arrival was called Dux, meaning leader, we didn't discount such a bold marketing statement. Really the STM Dux case offers the whole shebang of features we’d expect to see in a folio case for the iPad, but where it differs is with a design that promises to be both ultra-slim and offer serious protection from drops. It sounds like the perfect case, right?

Design & Usability

The usual specification of features we expect to see on a folio case are here, with cutouts for all your ports and buttons and two angles that allow for standing the iPad and typing. Just to elaborate on that last point, the typing angle won’t cause hand cramps, because it is not too high or low. Ticking off the last criteria a folio case needs is the function of waking or sleeping your iPad when utilising the case's cover. Plus, despite what could be a clumsy magnetic latch keeping the case cover firmly closed, it’s not a fiddle to use and we can gain access to the screen quickly thanks to the latch design incorporating space to pop a finger nail under to undo the cover in haste. Furthermore, the STM Dux is pleasant to hold with its textured front cover wrapping around in either portrait or landscape thanks to its very thin design. We’re particularly fond of the styling which is reminiscent of that of the early 2000s, with its translucent back and a rainbow of colours to choose from.


Despite the STM Dux being a slim case, a lot of emphasis is placed on the intention to preserve your iPad from drops due to a polycarbonate backing and the rubberised brackets. In fact, written all over the box is the fact that STM have drop tested the case 26 times from 4 feet. It’s a solid case and with confidence we can say the magnet is strong enough to make sure it won’t open up to leave the screen exposed. Additionally, the water resistant polyurethane cover can fend off spills. This water resistance gives it another positive: as anyone will know, folio cases tend to get grubby after their adventures, but the Dux can literally be scrubbed down with water - so we can restore its red freshness and see through its rear window clearly.

STM Dux Case for iPad Air 2 Being Held on Stones Steps


From a folio case we want robust protection, a comfortable typing angle and, of course, it has to be thin for ease of everyday usage. The STM Dux ticks every one of these boxes and will suit those who take their iPads far and wide.

Four & Half Stars