Reinforced Beds Barcelona Bed Review

Reinforced Beds Barcelona Pine Bed

This is the Barcelona Bed frame made from solid pine wood. A flat packed option that’s delivered straight to your door via for £209 for a single, £249 for a double and £279 for a king size.


A shaker style is emulated through this bed frame's attractive clean lines and high slatted headboard. Our initial concern when we saw this headboard was that it would look disproportionate in a smaller setting, but actually it helps to maximise the eye view against walls. The rest of the frame only just overlaps the mattress, which creates an expansive sense of space that some previous bed frames we've experienced do not. This spacious sense is also enhanced by the frame having a fairly low profile against the ground.


Everything you need to get the job done is included in the two boxes, along with easy to understand instructions. The only thing you'll need is a screwdriver (preferably an electric one) to screw the slats in place. The frame starts its life in two separate boxes, making the whole affair easy to carry upstairs - or to wherever your intended room for the bed might be. The first step is to glue on the headboard trim and following this the remaining parts of the frame can be attached together via interlocking bolts. This is all fairly easy stuff, with the trickier part being the slats. Naturally the slats need to be evenly spaced and a spacer brick is included in the bundle to assist in this process. It’s always worth laying them all out beforehand to see if they look even. Using the Ryobi cordless screwdriver we finished this stage in minutes and were ready to pop our eve Mattress aboard the Barcelona Bed.


The Barcelona Bed frame has now been slept on for a few weeks and it’s unquestionably a durable and strong frame design (the double and King have two additional support legs). Getting in and out of bed or turning over in the night doesn't create any creaks whatsoever. The solid nature of this bed frame is also notable when sleeping, as the slats are firm and not too springy. It makes a nice marriage with a memory foam mattress like the eve. We are also pleased to note that all the frame panels are the same colour and have matching wood grain - so they're most likely sourced together. Additionally the low sheen lacquer used has a good natural appearance and thankfully doesn't leave this frame with the yellow appearance that you sometimes see on pine furniture.


An easy to assemble solid wood bed frame that you won’t hear a creak from when turning over in the middle of the night. Plus the Barcelona Bed is a space conscious design that reflects a straightforward shaker look, thus suiting bedrooms across a wide spectrum.

Four Stars