Emma Mattress Review

Emma Mattress Plant Box

Having already tried and tested other new memory foam mattresses we were immediately interested in the British made Emma mattress which includes, within the foam layers, a pocket spring layer. Once again we were found sleeping on the job. . .

Out of the Box

Well, we have the EU king size (£649) version of the Emma mattress and this arrived in a box suitable for two to carry. Of course, the advantage of a mattress in a box is that we could easily carry it upstairs and around tricky corners with little effort. Once out of the box we discovered that the mattress is well-wrapped in its airtight plastic packaging ready to be rolled onto the bed frame. A nice addition is that Emma have thoughtfully included a simple but effective cutter to slice through the wrapping plastic and this helps greatly in making the unwrapping simple and easy without damaging the mattress. Once exposed to normal air conditions the Emma springs into life and takes just a few hours to become fully shaped and ready to be slept on.

Design and Materials

From first sight the Emma mattress looks great and all the materials are substantial. The well-tailored outer breathable cover is removable for cleaning via zipped access and has a comfortable dimpled white top. Below this is a very soft foam, then the unusual inclusion of a layer of up to 1500 individual pocket springs, followed by a pressure-relieving elastic foam which is then supported by a thick layer of cold foam. We can see by unzipping the cover that the foam layers are well attached and well cut. We also notice that this Emma mattress is exceptionally thick for a foam-based mattress and makes a good replacement for the traditional sprung mattress that it is replacing. Suddenly our divan-style bed looks new again, and Emma's confidence in their materials and manufacturing extends to a 10-year warranty.

Sleeping Experience

Given our experience of other foam mattresses we were quickly struck by the fact that the Emma definitely has an extra 'spring' in comparison to the more marshmallow-like eve Mattress and has even more bounce than the Casper. If you have not tried a memory foam mattress before, then one of the first things you notice is that the foam wraps around your shape a bit like you are lying in marshmallow and this can feel a little disconcerting after sleeping on traditional mattresses. With the Emma mattress, the inclusion of the pocket springs definitely takes away that slightly inert feeling and you gain the sensation of being pleasantly held in the memory foam but still able to move with the help of that additional slight springiness. Side sleepers rejoice!

We have tried out this king size mattress from Emma for a number of weeks now and every night look forward to the time when we can lie down on it and relax until sleep takes over. There is absolutely no doubt that our sleeping pattern has improved with the Emma mattress and we wake up more refreshed than when sleeping on the sprung mattress it replaced. Emma suggest allowing 3-4 weeks to get used to your new mattress, but we think most people will appreciate the comfort of their Emma mattress from day one. The clever sprung layer definitely gives this mattress the edge over some other memory foam offerings, and the surface covering is designed and made to help regulate your temperature whilst sleeping. We find it generally warm, meaning there is no need for a high-tog duvet.

In Use

As with all the memory foam mattresses we’ve tried, one of the great things is that you don't need, and, in fact, must not, turn them over because the layers of foam must be in the correct order. The Emma also has a shoulder/comfort zone built into the cold foam layer at its base, so should be positioned correctly for this to work effectively. All this means no more need for that occasional strenuous activity when making the bed, or the guilt felt when you realise you haven't actually turned your traditional mattress for months or even years! Having said that, it's probably as well it doesn't need turning because, as with other memory foam mattresses, there are no handles.


The Emma mattress is one of the best 'mattress in the box' designs we've yet to sleep on. An excellent replacement for your worn out traditionally sprung mattress. With its clever inclusion of pocket springs and exceptional thickness you will feel that your bed's had a makeover, and most importantly it offers a luxuriant platform to rest a weary head after the toils of the day.

Five Stars