eve Mattress Review

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You’ve seen it on your TV, on YouTube and now you’re seeing it on Slinky Studio. The UK designed eve mattress has risen quickly to fame with calm simplistic advertising that promotes one mattress design for all. We’ve been sleeping on this four layer invention for many months in an attempt to form a clear verdict from our testers on whether it really can please unanimously?

The Arrival & Setup

eve Sleep is an online company that cuts out the middleman and serves the customer directly via evesleep.co.uk, which is reportedly causing severe distress to the staple brands. Via their glossy website their various mattress sizes can be purchased along with a 100 day money back trial just thrown in for good measure. After ordering, the next day (UK) the eve showed up in a compact box at our doorstep. Inside the box you’ll be greeted by a rolled-up vacuum sealed eve mattress and a little booklet explaining the setup procedure.

Whilst the booklet communicates clearly how easy the setup is, we did find it to be a two person task getting a compact EU single sized mattress, still in its rectangular box, through doorways and into the bedroom. Of course, it's a great deal easier to deal with when compared to a full sized mattress that gets caught in doorways and always seems to knock something over in the trek to the bed too. Once we had reached our bed frame destination, removed the mattress from the box and lifted it in place, we could then cut and remove the plastic covering and watch eve quickly erupt into a plump full sized mattress in a matter of minutes. Ideally it should be left for a few hours to gain maximum structure, and because we set up ours in the early morning we left it for around 12 hours to do what it needed before bedtime came about.

eve Mattress Box Vacuum Sealed Compressed


The pleasing to look at bright yellow side accent breathable fabric makes the eve mattress a statement and an instantly recognisable entity in bedrooms. The knitted and heavenly soft cover is the first layer that then conceals a further three, which is why eve is not a run-of-the-mill memory foam mattress. There is a 4cm layer of ‘new generation memory foam’, which is supposed to promote a bouncier feel, and doesn't sink in the way traditional memory foam characteristically does. Under this is the 3cm core of the sandwich which is a ‘breathable cooling foam’, and the bottom of the sandwich is a 16.5cm thick base, being the hardest of all the layers. This final base layer is intended to have some give but keep the other layers firmly supported simultaneously. The one oversight we’ve noted in design is that eve haven't included any side carry handles for making future relocations easier.

What’s it like to sleep on?

The first night embarking upon eve’s radical composite approach was odd. From being used to traditional medium firm sprung mattresses, like most of the western world, we found eve was utterly unfamiliar due to its top layer that didn't promote the same amount of springy feedback with which we’re familiar. Indeed eve in its own foam category is an oddball, in that its specially formulated top layer dissipates heat and delivers a far firmer posture than is characteristically equated to a firm sprung mattress, whilst at the same time the foam definitely gives way to your shape. You see, the firm or soft attribute isn't mutually exclusive. A bit like a cheesecake, eve is that unusual combination of soft and firm - or rather squishy and supportive. Obviously the dialled down vibrationless nature of this mattress may wave goodbye to using a bed like a trampoline, as enjoyed by millions of children, but it has many obvious benefits that adults will probably appreciate; like not feeling the under-current from partners tossing and turning (something which, incidentally, consumes more effort to do anyway). In fact, it would serve as a stable yoga platform.

Over the following nights we became familiar with eve and really began to appreciate and enjoy the softness of the top layer, which is well supported by the hearty core underpinning the whole affair. This dynamic quality of the new generation memory foam melts the body into the mattress instead of it resting on top or against it. The fact is that this new sleeping experience was unanimously considered to offer a deep enjoyable sleep that consequently made it harder to get out of bed in the morning. One team member reported eve prevented the dreaded early hours wakeup with an unresponsive dead arm from lying on it; and for fellow side-sleepers eve was found to be a kinder sleep than typically experienced by medium-firm sprung mattresses - particularly for the neck and shoulder region. Interestingly the issue that divided us was on temperature: some thought it was a warmer sleep and others couldn't tell any difference from their previous mattress. Lastly, eve hasn't lost any of its shape or effectiveness at the time of writing and eve actually back the mattress up with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

eve Mattress Softness Test


One mattress design for everyone is certainly an ambitious task! Realistically the eve mattress has, for us, been able to truly prove it can provide a deep enjoyable sleep for different people of various weight groups, and all with different previous mattress preferences. As mentioned it is cheesecake in nature, offering a soft yet firmly supportive sleeping experience that may take some time to adjust to if coming from sprung mattress designs as we did. However, eve becomes habitual, and the idea of going back to sprung mattresses seems outdated and frankly simply not as dynamic when we want a good night's sleep. Our bodies have never felt so rested and relaxed, that's why it earns a full five stars!