Endurance Beds Wrought Iron Bed Frame Review

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The Briony Bed from the Endurance Wrought Iron Collection by Endurance Beds is a classically styled bed frame with two unique selling points. The first is a claimed speedy set-up procedure and the second is a mesh base design that can cope with people of a heavier persuasion; up to 65 Stone /412Kg with two people - for £719.


The ‘Bed Knobs & Broomsticks’ style frame is a timeless design favourite and we’ve noticed it’s a rather popular offering in the world of sleep this year. The creamy ivory powder coating finish ofour Briony comes highly recommended by us. It gives the frame subtle warmth and the hue contrasts cleanly in our wooden cabin location where is lays. Incidentally, the actual feel of the frame expels the slightly clinical image that metal bed frames can come with, especially those designed for heavy weights that look bulky; and the detailed curved headboard, with a straight footboard, enthuse a classical quaintness that has a definite charm that will resist the changing of fashion. The Briony Bed allows a generous amount of storage space underneath due to the raised stature of the mesh base, which doesn’t require support legs (but we’ll have more on this later on). However, we notice Endurance Beds don’t yet offer any dedicated storage drawer solutions, which is a shame.


There’s a very good online video to prompt customers in the right direction as to how to set up the Endurance frames. The simplicity of the set-up is definitely one of the strongest selling points of the collection, as it’s easy to assemble with only a small number of nuts and bolts involved. Basically you slot the two halves of the mesh base together and attach the footboard and headboard at either end. There’s one caveat necessary though: it is really a two person procedure because of the weight of the mesh base which needs to be lifted into the air to allow the end frame pieces to be connected. Thus with two people we could complete the assembly in under 20 minutes.


Yes, the mesh base and frame ends are thin and dainty in appearance, but the overall finished construction is rock solid and doesn’t creak when you get in or out of bed. The tagline of Endurance beds is that they are virtually indestructible, and whilst we haven’t gone to extreme lengths, like taking a sledge hammer to the thing, we can vouch for its density. The mesh base is really the talking point here, as it’s a remarkably thin bed base that doesn’t require support legs despite the rated weight that it can support, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee too. Three of us at the studio all stood on the mesh base and it supported the combined weight of around 220kg pressing not on the cross bar but on one half of the mesh itself. An area where this collection of styled frames will be highly suited is for holiday accommodation where it can welcome any guest.

Sleeping on the Briony Bed Frame with a Casper Mattress was a combination that worked well. The rigidity of this frame leans towards using a softer mattress, particularly for those who aren’t overly weighty individuals. Although some give is apparent if we bounce on the frame, it’s not like sleeping on a wooden slatted base, which has a more general springiness, and for this reason a hard mattress would have been undesirable.

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Do you have to be heavy to need such a frame? Definitely not, none of us are classed anywhere near obese at the studio. And whilst this mesh base is backed up with a lifetime guarantee for larger individuals to feel reassured, we wouldn’t discredit such a classical design for anyone, regardless of size, who is looking to invest in a stylish wrought iron bed frame that has longevity built in and a solid base to offer a good night's sleep.

*Manufactured by JKN Engineering

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