eve Pillow Review

eve Pillows - Next Generation Memory Foam

The eve Mattress was a smash hit at the studio, with everyone fully signed up to its innovative foam design that delivers a deep and enjoyable sleeping experience. So when the (£59 each) eve Pillows popped through the door, we were only too pleased to see if this is a match made in heaven?


Unlike the eve Mattress, the eve Pillows requires no set-up process as these are not compressed on arrival. Just open up the box, pop them on the mattress and you’re done. They look much like the mattress, with the distinctive yellow piping making a further appearance, and a heavenly soft machine-washable outer jersey knitted fabric cover (you could use your favourite pillow cover over it). Inside next generation memory foam is to be found, which is also used as the top layer of the eve Mattress. This core is coated in UltraFresh, an antimicrobial shield for odour and staining from nighttime dribblers. Some of us are mildly guilty of this and no yellowing has shown so far. Amazingly eve equip their pillow with a 30 day trial and a three year guarantee. The latter is quite impressive, as we can’t recount a pillow we’ve ever owned that has held its shape for this length of time.

What’s it like to sleep on?

An instantly noticeable thing about the eve Pillow is that it’s much heavier than a typical fibre or foam pillow, weighing 1.3kg. What this means is the eve Pillow doesn't easily move around during the night, which is an immediate advantage! It deceivingly appears to have a lower profile, but actually depresses very little when slept on, leaving its shape when in use much like a plump traditional pillow. At the studio we have both side and back sleepers. In either position the pillow offers your head and neck the familiar tried and tested marshmallow-like soft yet firm support of the mattress. Married with the eve Mattress the pillow indulges an even more pronounced blissful sleeping experience, and the fabric cover, with a high degree of elasticity, is soothingly soft against the face. Incidentally, something we’ve all noticed is that it doesn't become clammy during the night, making our sleep much fresher and less disturbed. This is to do with something many memory foam pillows on the market do not have but this one does - ventilation. eve have created a pillow that we don’t need to flip to the cool side at 3:00am in the summer, because it’s always aired due to the drilled holes in the foam.

We’ve always found that if you want to bring a traditional pillow to a flat and sorry state you just prop it up and lay it against the headboard or wall whilst typing away on a notebook or reading a book in bed. This kind of activity is where the eve Pillow really shines, as it is as versatile as it is comfortable and delivers definite comfort to the back and neck: it too can be folded and, despite putting a great deal of our body mass on it for half an hour plus, it simply regains its plump shape the moment we unfold it to go to sleep.

eve Pillow on eve Mattress


eve Sleep are on a roll. Their mattress delivered what we’ve already referred to as the best sleep of our lives and now their pillow has only amplified this level of heavenly rest! It has a graciously comfortable design that doesn't lose shape and we think it is fairly priced.