Marset Polo Lamp Review

Marset Polo Lamp

The Marset Polo Lamp was invented by Joan Gaspar as a design piece that interprets the movement of a table lamp in a familiar way but with an entirely original mechanism.


Whereas Anglepoise lamps have traditional design notes retained to produce their form and function, the Polo, available in either black or white, by Joan Gaspar, has a current and freshly attractive new design. Being used to the spring styled tensioned mechanism within Anglepoise designs, the simplistic thinness of the single element frame is quite a revelation for us. The Polo’s injected aluminium arms are silky smooth in up and down movement thanks to the clever CNC milled aluminium swivel joints. This mechanism is minimal and, combined with a small lamp head and base that veil a marginal amount of desk area, it compares well in comparison to the bulkier aspects of the Anglepoise Type75 LED lamp. However it retains similar reliability; for one it can stretch to the most demanding angles and the weighty base assures it will always stay put. The other mandatory requirement for this style of light, and truly a credit to the inventive slimline mechanism, is that the Polo Table Lamp stays frozen at the angle chosen and the lamp head's independent swivelling action is precise too. It doesn't slowly slouch like cheaper alternatives can and this is a necessity when occupied in sketching, etc. 

Whilst the Marset Polo Lamp demands a reasonable investment to get your foot in the door, with a price tag of £315, you’re then a signed up member to an ecosystem of accessories. For instance, now we have this table version we can buy further accessories to convert the creation into a wall, ceiling and even a floor lamp. It’s definitely an ingenious design for transformative usage in the home or even an office setting. What’s more, the lamp itself isn't fixed to the base and can be freely removed to be stationed onto another accessory with immediate effect.

Switch Function

Here’s where things get short. The light turns on and off via a rotary dial on the rear of the LED lamp fixture. It's satisfying to both use and hear its reassuring click - but that’s it! Whilst admirably simple, this does leave a lack of any brightness controllability, although it would be easily possible via an LED source. For instance, our AnglePoise Type75 LED lamp allows for one touch dimming, something we feel the Marset Polo Lamp would benefit from.


It’s bright! Upon first switching the Marset Polo Lamp on we were taken aback, not just by its 520lm (3000K) brightness produced from the LED 7 Watt bulb but the volume of it. We’ve used the Polo in many situations over the past few months and one of the most useful, and an intention that probably hadn't even passed through the designer Joan Gaspar's mind, was using it for illumination when painting a shadowy hallway! The far reaching brightness and easy manoeuvrability illustrated immediately 2-3 metres of wall we had failed to cover properly with paint, so we continued to use it to attain a perfect finish, just twisting the head and arm to light wherever we were working around a 360 degree orbit with no need to move the base. In fact, we even managed to get a few splatters of paint on the light in the process which dried and rubbed off the aluminium frame with ease. 

More anticipated day to day ordinary usage entailed functions such as accent lighting corners of rooms, paintings and as an artwork lamp. The latter aspect is where this style of lamp is a must to grasp fine detail and to avoid eye strain too. We can definitely promote the brightness and warmth of the light as a package intended for professional usage. Dimming functionality would still have been a useful touch though.


'Fabulously simple' is the statement that sums up Joan Gaspar’s Marset Polo Lamp. Functional versatility is exuded from a design that works with you and not against. Designers and artists will admire it because its frame stays in place wherever it's set, home owners will like it because it’s a gorgeously unique lamp that emits bright light and can be made even more useful with accessories.

Five Stars