Anglepoise Type75 LED Lamp Review

Anglepoise Type75 LED Lamp

The Anglepoise Lamp is iconic, its affiliation with Pixar is probably one of the contributing factors in its legacy. However, what we have here is essentially the same lamp which has made considerable impact within the arts and design community for many years but with a modern twist. Instead of using a traditional screw-in light bulb, it has been replaced with LED lights. It's called the Anglepoise Type75 (or Type 75) LED Lamp and is available in either a sleek silver or an unmissable jet black which is the colour we have.


The Type75 lamp was crafted to mark the 75th anniversary of Anglepoise. The lamp is designed by UK industrial designer Sir Kenneth Grange. Its appearance is charming and has a definite character. Its aluminium shade within which the LED module is located, is the key element of the distinguishable life-like character the lamp transmits when admired from nearly any angle. The way it moves up and down or around in its near 360 degree circle is so effortlessly animated.

The aluminium arms are fixed to the base via one small screw, this allows the lamp's body to swivel a full 360 degrees too. Of course, the Anglepoise constant tension spring technology and stainless steel fittings enable the lamp to gently adjust to the angle the user wants, whilst maintaining a solid hold which won't suddenly droop. The simplistic ease of wide adjustment makes the lamp superbly practical and seamlessly fit into any design and art environment. Its oval cast iron base with an aluminium covering is heavy and weighs the entire lamp down upon any surface it's placed upon. This makes sure adjusting the lamp's angle is always solid and firm. The maximum height the Type75 can achieve is 1045mm, presenting a perfectly plausible floor lamp. But when necessary the Anglepoise Type75 LED Lamp can be folded up for compact storage, particularly handy when used on a desk. Generally though, the thin arms and compact nature mean the lamp leaves a small footprint anyway.

Anglepoise Type75 LED Lamp Folded

Cable Length

The included power cable measures 2 meters in length and we found it be satisfactory. What was nice to see is that a cable measuring around 30cm is attached to the actual lamp and allows the main 2m cable with the plug equipped to be linked. This made the lamp less of a hassle to move location as we could quickly whisk the main cable off.

LED Performance

The use of an LED unit is a modernisation that we've very much enjoyed the benefits of. For one thing LED technology requires considerably less electricity to operate over generic light bulbs. The installed module draws a mere total of 9 watts, so it's financially rewarding too when compared to its 60 watt counterparts which are usually used in the standard Type75. Also LED lights have a far greater life span over conventional light bulbs too.

Anglepoise Type76 LED Lamp Artist Drawing.jpg

The light produced from the LED module leans to being on the whiter spectrum. The brightness isn't impaired from the low wattage though, actually the LED module is over-powering to stare at. The usage for such intense brightness is essential for artists, designers and also makes for a nice home lighting feature. We've had ours setup in the corner of our studio and its marvellously charming design and bright, uplifting LED light is a welcome addition


To turn on the LED module Anglepoise have incorporated a touch sensitive button positioned on the rear of the shade. This works effectively and the touch sensitive button doubles as a dimming facility; once held down the LED module will dim and brighten. To set it at the brightness wanted simply let go of the button. What's really neat about this feature is that the lamp has a memory, so when turned back on it will revert back to the previous brightness established. Having the ability to adjust the brightness is useful for tailored scenarios, we found this most handy when using the light to draw. Before having an LED module within an Anglepoise styled lamp we'd have had to settle for one consistent brightness of a bulb, at times this could be very frustrating.

Anglepoise Type75 LED Lamp Dimming Control


The Anglepoise Type75 delivers elegant timeless practically. But the enhancement of LED lights that can be dimmed truly springs the original concept into the 21st century.

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