Mathmos LED Bike Wheel Lights Review

The Mathmos Bike Wheel Lights are the most original lights I've seen or used on a bike.

Two lights come in each pack, one for your front tyre and one for your rear and they retail for a very very competitive £10. They run on watch batteries which are replaceable. Both are identical in exterior design. The bottom of the lights are made out of aluminium and the tops are plastic. The overall build construction is very solid and rugged and the design is modern and eye catching.

Applying them to your bike couldn't be simpler. Each screws onto the wheel valves and I found them to stay in very securely. Jumps, bumps and high speeds on my bike seem to be no problem for these.

No switches are needed to turn these lights on and off. They are triggered with motion and darkness. This is very convenient indeed. So when riding through dark areas they automatically come on.

The LED's are of a very high quality and as we all know LED's will sip the battery so it lasts for a good amount of time. The colors are very bold and impressive. Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, yellow, there all here and are constantly changing in patterns. There's a mildly slow pattern where the colors transition into one another and the second pattern is a lot more rapid. Both look very impressive at night on my bike. They set my tyres off really well and at the same time look so so awesome. The colors are bold and bright and as your wheels go around faster the blurred effect only gets better with the many colors changing every second.

If you have standard bike lights I seriously suggest adding these to the mix. They will help you to become more visible at night but also make you and your bike look very very cool.