Mathmos JellyWash and JellyFish Review

The Mathmos JellyWash and JellyFish are designed in a very UFO like manner. Coming in two different colors the JellyFish coming in black and the JellyWash coming in white. Both stand at an angle with an extruding single leg at the bottom of each light, this keeps it sturdy on any surface. And on the top of each light a touch sensitive controller sits. Very futuristic but that's just the design.

The JellyFish uses super bight LED's. LED's are very economical which is a huge plus for these lights. The main intention for the JellyFish is to be aimed at Walls and ceilings. This works really really well due to the super bright LED's and UFO like design allowing light to be released at a curved angle. Smooth surface walls work best for the effect. The JellyWash also uses LED's but not anywhere near as bight compared to the JellyFish. The JellyWash is better appointed to sitting on a shelf or table. It suits the living room and bedroom very well.

The thing that really excites me with both of these lights is the touch sensitive controls. Much like an iPhone or iPad to control these lights you use your finger tips. Tap the touch sensitive control area once to turn the lights on, swipe your finger left and right to choose a color scheme, swipe up and down to navigate through the huge library of colors, tap up and down to change the brightness of a color, double tap to cycle through a color faze and to turn the lights off hold your finger on the surface for 5 seconds plus. This system is beautifully integrated and makes the JellyFish and JellyWash that little bit more fun to use too. 

Every color in the rainbow is literally in these lights. All colors are rich, deep in volume and uplifting. I like to set both lights into faze mode, this allows transitions of one color to another and keeps it fresh.

Included within the box is a manual and a wall plug. One thing that I was a tad worried about was the cable length because I wanted to put the JellyFish high up on a shelf so the light would paint my ceiling in a staggeringly delightful color. The cable is plenty long, so this isn't something to worry about if you also want to put the light into similar scenarios.

Overall the JellyFish and JellyWash both live up to their purposes. These are truly solid products with an awesome futuristic design, beautiful colors and are very easy to use with the intuitive touch control system.