Mathmos LED Glass Poplight Review

Mathmos LED Glass Poplight.jpg

Just like in my previous review of the Mathmos Blimp LED Light this the Mathmos Poplight is also made with very attractive mouth blown glass.

The glass is completely translucent and has some very nice curves. I really like the design element of the glass getting narrower as it protrudes upwards. The light bulb inside is grey well I say light bulb it’s the casing for the LED’s.

The LED’s change from green to blue gradually on one of the two models. The other model changes from red to blue. The way the lights change from one color to the other is done exceptionally well. 

To actually power it you can use a USB cable but there isn’t one supplied with the Poplight. Most will use the included in the box AC wall plug to power the light which works fine however I really like to have my lights next to my iMac so the USB function is very useful for me and I expect many others benefit from this as well. To turn the light off you just press down on the top and you repeat that to turn it on

Overall the Mathmos LED Poplight is a very nice light. The colors may seem a bit limited compared to the others I have reviewed but I think that is one of the attractions to this particular model. The light produced is bright and the colors do look fantastic plus the design of the light is very eye catching.