Twelve South BookArc Stand for iPad Review

The first thing I noticed about this product is the packaging. Twelve South really get how to package and present a product to the consumer. No tape to cut or cellophane to peel you simply lift up a magnetic flap to be presented with the stand. 

The BookArc itself is made out of heavy gauge steel and some very thick steel at that. It really blends in well on my desk along side my iMac. The stand has a slick curve making the iPad slightly raised from the desk or surface below.

So for the iPad to actually ‘stand’ within the BookArc you will need to use a rubber insert. In the box you will receive two rubber inserts one for the iPad which has no skin or case attached and another for an iPad with a skin or a case attached, which is definitely most appreciated. 

So how well does it accomplish it’s purpose? Very well, the iPad doesn’t move around within and is very firm when in use ect. One of the great things about the BookArc is the ability to have your iPad in both portrait and landscape. I found when using my wireless keyboard with the iPad it came into it’s own. It really works well the best way to use the wireless keyboard with your iPad I have found yet, when in landscape and browsing Safari or writing an email this stand just excels. 

In terms of accessibility of your iPad within the BookArc, you have full access to everything volume rockers, sleep and wake button, headphone jack, 30 pin dock connector. Everything is there to use because the iPad is wide open.

Overall I would highly recommend the BookArc from Twelve South. It’s a wonderful design, the iPad works really well within it and if your going to use your keyboard with your iPad this is defiantly what you should go for!