Phantom Skinz Chromatics for iPod Touch 2nd/ 3rd Gen Review

The Phantom Skinz Chromatics are designed to make your device ‘stand out from the crowd’. The Chromatics I have are for the iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd Generation.

The color of my particular skin is carbon fibre white which does look pretty cool. It is also textured in a carbon fibre manor to keep up the image and the skin is pretty thick. 

So your probably wondering how do I apply it? Well the Chromatics for the iPod Touch advertises itself in the fact that you can install it without using any water in the process. To install you better make sure your iPod Touch is perfectly clean and your hands for that matter, then the company recommends you install it in a room with temperatures over 70 degrees. Then you just remove the skin from the plastic sheet and apply it to your iPod Touch. If you want to you can use a hair dryer to hopefully eliminate the skin from popping up around the corners.

I found the skin to hold up pretty good, I don’t use skins all that often on my iDevices but for those who do these are defiantly worth checking out. The quality of the materials is great and will defiantly prevent scratches but won’t help against drops. The one thing that really let this product down is the lack of screen protectors, which I see as an essential when selling this sort of product.

Overall the design is nice, it keeps the curve of your iPod Touch and thinness and I didn’t find the skin coming off the iPod Touch even though I had it in my pocket amongst many other obstacles.