Vogel’s RingO All In One Pack (wall mount, car mount, table stand) for iPad 2 Review

Apparently Vogel’s make a lot of wall mounts stands ect for TV’s and various other equipment and do a pretty good job. So they’ve decided to lend there hand to the iPad 2. 

Coming with a few accessories in the box to turn your iPad into a swiss army knife for positions? The first part I think we should cover is the Table Stand. This works by applying a clip on silicone/ polycarbonate skin onto the back of your iPad 2, this is quite a nice little case with full access to all your buttons, ports, cameras and switches plus it feels nice in the hand and works with the Apple Smart Cover. The skin case has a hole in the back for you to insert your accessories in this case the accessory turns it onto a stand which allows your iPad 2 to be in portrait and landscape. It works decently well and you can simply twist the plastic stand around to adjust the positioning, so you have full control. It’s best for watching movies and viewing photos ect but it could be sturdier.

The clip on skin case is whats used for all positions accompanying the equipment. So with the car mount you have what looks like an overweight coat hanger to plug into your case. You push a slider to release the mechanism of the mount from the middle to adjust it around a car headrest. It tries to go around the two metal parts of the headrest but this is flawed considering one car I tested wouldn’t work with this as the head rest was wider either side than the car mount stand. But I did get it to work on another car I tried and once you find a compatible headrest it works quite well. You can adjust your iPad 2 up and down very simply with little force, the stand locks into position around the headrest very well so the iPad isn’t moving around constantly when the vehicles traveling. It’s perfect for kids to watch movies and TV shows on and play games like Fruit Ninja. My sister really really liked this and uses it all the time with her iPad which has built in 3G so she can watch YouTube videos on the go and surf the web. It really appealed to her

The last stand is the Wall Mount. You will need to screw this into a wall which I found fairly easy. Once screwed in you can see your iPad floating against your living room walls but you don’t get any tilt. This is something I think businesses would find useful like shops using them as a way to go about interactive displays. 

Overall for me the Vogel RingO All In One Pack for the iPad 2 has got a nice accessories along with a good environment of compatibility. But the real killer is the price of £109, which is just simply ridiculous considering this is made out of mostly plastic but it isn’t made in China which could raise the prices a little but £109? Now you can buy everything in pieces but it’s still too pricey. The design of all the equipment is clever as you can just whack your iPad off each of the accessories very easily and have the accessories all applied in there own places without interrupting them as the iPad goes somewhere else. But that price is just far too high and needs to come down ASAP, the lower the price the more who will adopt this!