X-Band for iPad Review

The X-Band is quite an unusual product for the iPad.

The X-Band comes in a variety of colors yellow, red, green, blue, black and grey. The foam in the middle which is an X shape has a neat little cut out for your Apple logo on the back of the iPad. The grippers/ holders which wrap around the corners of your iPad to secure the X-Band are made our of leather and come in black or cream. 

To actually attach the X-Band it was relatively easy with each of the four grippers holding a nice tug fit around the corners of my iPad. The thin foam also keeps a low profile minimising all bulk. 

So whats the X-Band intended for? Well thats simple, it’s reason in life is to show others what your iPads up to. By tucking your hand under the iPad you have a secure holding on the device. It is now ready for demonstrating anything on screen to people. This saves your iPad from balancing and falling out of your hand onto the floor.  

The X-Band really only prevents against protection but doesn’t protect against it. Don't get it into your mind that the X-Band can replace an iPad case. 

Overall the X-Band is the best product we’ve used yet for the purpose of showing others what your iPads up to. Easy to apply, nice selection of colors and feels comfortable in the hand.