Twelve South Compass Mobile Stand for iPad Review

So far everything we have been presented with from the folks at Twelve South have been solid five star products and as you can see this is no exception.

The Twelve South Compass Mobile Stand made for all iPad models is crafted from sturdy steel which makes it quite weighty but superbly well built. Three colours are available with silver, red and black. It’s name Compass is clearly not been pulled out of hat, this thing looks and functions exactly like a math compass and it’s very cool.

Included within the box is a carry padded neoprene travel case, it’s a very nice addition and I have found it to be of great use. As the stand can be folded up in a matter of second and placed into this case, it makes a perfect stand to travel with.

Two viewing positions can be created by the Compass, one for upright viewing and another for typing. The upright is perfect for using Apps and watching video content. Both are easy to setup and are also simple to move from one position to the other. For instance to create an upright view you flip the front two legs apart and fling the rear leg back, then two little silicone legs support the iPad keeping it propped up. Now to transfer to the typing position all you do is flip the back leg forwards and then pull a smaller leg out of the back one and you are now in the typing position. The iPad stays very sturdy and most importantly useable in either of the two positions and this is down to the excellent built quality. 

I have found myself using the Twelve South Compass Stand on my desk. It for me keeps my iPad in the upright position and charges at the same time as the 30 pin dock connector is completely exposed and it all works really well. I can jump into a game of Angry Birds, check my tweets or launch the Amazon App and have a quick browse conveniently on my desk.

In terms of compatibility between cases and the stand, it’s a mixed bag. Folio style cases are just cumbersome and get in the way and some are just are just far to big to use. Skins or having the iPad completely naked is the way to go. Don’t be scared to place your iPad bare onto the Compass as silicone is lined on the part of the stand where the rear of the iPad touches up against, preventing scratches from occurring.

Overall the Twelve South Compass Mobile Stand for all iPad models is a definite five star product. With a gorgeous build, being ridiculously ultra portable, having two easy to setup positions and it's great to use, makes it the best mobile iPad stand we have seen yet.