Toffee Flip Folio Case for iPad Air 2 Review

Toffee Flip Folio Case for iPad Air 2

Toffee love to release desirably deigned cases coupled with functionality to make the products they’re protecting as easy to use as possible, and we really like them for it. This newest release for the iPad Air 2 follows this trend to the letter.

Colour Choices & Design

This case doesn’t come in an astonishing flurry of colours; simply a khaki green and what looks like a charcoal black. They’re intentionally picked for this case's organic design, as they both enthuse a rustic flare. But some more choices would be welcomed by us. 

Toffee Flip Folio Case for iPad Air 2 Back View

This is a folio case that tries hard to maintain the flat airy profile of the newest iPad Air 2 release. It doesn’t add a huge amount of weight either, at 290g. In general we’re very fond of the case's design, and particularly its contrasting blue micro-fibre interior and elastic band, but we think that some contrasting white stitching would help the design pop a little further.


However, just because the Toffee Flip Folio doesn’t weigh a great deal, doesn’t mean it isn’t protective. This slimline design is rigid, so when we drop heavy objects onto the case, the iPad screen and body is reassuringly protected, and if the iPad is dropped within the case the screen is protected, as long as you have the elastic band wrapped around the front which stops it from opening.

Toffee Flip Folio Case for iPad Air 2 Carried In Hand

The entire exterior of the case is made from 1,000 denier nylon. It’s a tough material, that has worn well from our regular day to day use. Toffee claim this denier nylon is water resistant; which we tested and, yep, it’s completely water resistant. This is a real nicety if you’re caught in the rain or spill your morning coffee over the case, as liquids form into droplets that run off the case quickly when tilted.

Toffee Flip Folio Case for iPad Air 2 Water Resistance


Generally using the iPad Air 2 and its functions within the Toffee Flip Folio was comfortable and wasn’t heavy on the hands. Also, because the design is so slim, it makes itself into a really nice case to carry the iPad around within and to tuck away into a bag.

Toffee Flip Folio Case for iPad Air 2 Interior

Using tablets within folio style cases can sometimes become a fight for the user, as the tablet can slip through the entry point used for it to be taken in and out of the case. Toffee realise this and have smartly integrated velcro, so once the iPad is inserted into the case, a flap will tuck slightly under the tablet and attach itself rigidly via the velcro so that the iPad doesn’t slide about. This is one of our favourite things about the Toffee Flip Folio for iPad Air 2, it just makes the otherwise exemplary usability of the tablet better.


Four notches are grooved into the interior lid for standing the iPad in landscape mode. This is nice for things like FaceTime calls and Netflix watching, but it’s a shame that there’s no stand preference low enough for typing. An inbuilt magnet keeps the case's lid closed and it will wake/sleep the iPad when lifted. An optional elastic band can also be flipped over the font of the case, keeping it more securely closed as previously mentioned. Access to things like the volume controls, mute switch, aux jack, sleep/wake button, speakers, microphones, rear camera and Lightning connecter is enabled via cutouts within the case. Something we noticed is that the material surrounding the Lightning connector prevents the iPad Air 2 to be docked in certain circumstances.

Toffee Flip Folio Case for iPad Air 2 Stand


As far as folio styled tablet cases go this is one of the best we’ve ever used. It has wholesome style, durability, and most importantly, it makes sure that your iPad Air 1/2 doesn’t slide around and remains a pleasant experience to use.

Four Stars