Toffee Sleeve Wallet Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus Review

Toffee Sleeve Wallet Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus on logs

Whilst Apple Pay is rapidly rolling out in stores, it’s not quite at the stage where you could take a trip to the mall and leave your primary payment cards at home. So if you’re someone who likes to bundle your wallet and phone together with a case, the classical Toffee Sleeve Wallet might be just the ticket with its plentiful unrestricted storage.


Colour options are black and brown. The pebble grain leather on our brown case is contrasted by remarkably neat white stitching on the exterior and matching brown on the interior. It’s a smart well made case that would appeal to the taste of many people, and looks and feels like a classic wallet. It’s a big case though, as to be expected when it’s intended to encompass the large iPhone 6s Plus. Nevertheless it just about squeezes into some of our larger and deeper trouser pockets, because it really isn't taking up much more space lengthways over just having the 6s Plus - it’s just a thicker companion.

Toffee Sleeve Wallet Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus Closed

iPhone Sleeve

The iPhone 6/6s Plus sits within a sleeve on the right side of the case and there’s enough extra wiggle room for it to have a thin skin-style case equipped too. Despite the screen not being accessible within the case, there is some functionality present. Thankfully there is an open cut-out for the headphone jack, meaning we can always listen to music; we wouldn't use a case without this!

Toffee Sleeve Wallet Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus

Wallet Functionality

There are 7 card slots, which in our usage can accommodate 10 cards before becoming too bulgy if you double up on certain slots. For us this hits just the right amount of space for our wallet needs. We found cards quick to access, although like most, this is a wallet where fingernails are necessary. Of course, Apple Pay is quickly dwindling down the amount of loyalty cards we need to take with us anyway. Besides all the card holders, if we look underneath the slots we find a flap and a pocket for receipts, physical money and other bits of paper. On the 6s Plus versions you don’t need to fold receipts lengthways to get them to fit either, unlike many wallet cases for the older smaller iPhones we’ve reviewed. But there is no dedicated and sealed compartment for coins here, that would be real nostalgia.

Toffee Sleeve Wallet Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus in hand
Toffee Sleeve Wallet Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus Wallet


Because the iPhone 6s Plus is so big, it does feel as if the Toffee Sleeve Wallet case should have a buckle or a magnetic strap to secure it from springing open if you happened to drop it. But conversely the screen is protected by the very nature of the phone tucking into its slot, so if it lightly falls onto concrete when open the phone should survive. During our routine usage the Toffee Sleeve Wallet case for the iPhone 6s Plus showed no wear or tear. The case is really durable and feels like it should easily stay in one shape until the next generation of the iPhone is released.


We’re familiar with Toffee products, they tend to offer high quality and inclusive friendly design. Their Sleeve Wallet case for the iPhone 6/6s attains both these characteristics and has the big advantage of the extra wallet space that comes with the larger format phone, leaving it as a true organised wallet and protective case hybrid.

Four Stars