STM Org Board for iPad Case Review

STM make some very solid products for the iPad. This product dubbed as the org board is  pretty unique. Having the ability to have all your iOS needs in one place sounds very promising.

The org board appears to only come in one color which is black. The front material is a form fitting neoprene, the same material used on wetsuits. Due to the use of this material an iPad 1 or 2 can be put inside the front and with a skin on. The back uses a different material which is very gripping but the back is the most interesting part which i’ll touch on later. 

To get your iPad into the org board you will need to slide it into the front and once in a flap will sit on top of your iPad and now it's safely secured. Your iPad is easy to get in and out and the ability to have a skin on while being in the org board is a huge plus. Now the very unique part of this case would be the back of it. You can put your iPhone or iPod touch, charging cables, earbuds, charging brick and a pen within. This works using elasticated slots that are very clever and allow everything to be tightly secured if traveling ect. And if your imaginative enough you could put anything which is the right size inside the slots.     

The org board keeps everything in a very compact small design. STM are well known for making bags and jacket type cases. In essence this is everything you'd put in a smaller STM bag but it's an all in one case type design. I like it, I like it lot.

The protection is good. Your accessories are well secured and the iPad is decently covered and will take scratches and mild bumps well. But for big drops ect this isn't what you want your iOS gear to be in. However you won't be using your iPad or any of your iOS gear inside the case so the likely hood of damage is heavily decreased due to this.

Overall I am very happy with what the org board has to offer. The idea of having all your iOS gear in one place is a great and idea and works well too with everything being hugely easy to access. Highly worth taking a look at if your a big traveler.