Thorntons Classics Advent Calendar Review

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The Thorntons Classics Advent Calendar celebrates the approach of Christmas with classic chocolates on a one-a-day occasion. Counting down the days of the month to the big day has never been so tasty.


Thorntons are ironically showing off some of their newer chocolates within the Classics range which include nutty truffles and smooth pralines, contrasted by the true Thorntons Classics which we've come to know and love. Eleven chocolates are included, so duplications will occur, and on Christmas Day a very large treat is revealed, which we won't spoil by identifying. The chocolates included are coffee cream, orange charm, creamy fudge, chunky caramel, gooey caramel, strawberry dream, honeycomb crisp, triple treat, fruit & nutty, hazelnut heaven and Turkish delight.

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Taste Test

The milk, dark and white chocolates are all of a high quality and the intertwined flavours are big and bold. Every chocolate is tasty, but we do have some favourites. One of these is the 'strawberry dream'; this chocolate has a strawberry mixed double cream filling, wrapped in mouthwatering milk chocolate. The burst of creamy strawberry, underlined by milk chocolate, is a very pleasant and tasty combination. We also particularly enjoyed the 'honeycomb crisp', which sounds like it could be similar to a Cadbury's Crunchie chocolate bar, which it sort of is, with a few generous additions. Crispy honeycomb is introduced to milk chocolate truffle and hazelnut pieces. The conclusion of this is a satisfying crispness with a sensual flavour. Chocolate lovers will no doubt be in awe of the diverse classical variety on offer here every day. There are smooth centres, creams, pralines, truffles, fudges and caramels to surprise your tongue with goodness every day.

Design & Nutrition

Both the flavours and general presentation of this advent calendar is of the high Thorntons standard we have come to expect, and none of the chocolates incorporate artificial flavours or colours, which is something Thorntons should be proud about. Added to this, every chocolate is vegetarian too. The Classics Advent Calendar is triangular in shape to simulate a Christmas tree. This theme is extended, with each of the 24 doors, hiding the chocolate treats counting down to Christmas, numbered with a graphic bauble.

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The Thorntons Classics Advent Calendar makes the traditional Christmas chocolate countdown more delicious than ever! It's currently on sale for £6.66 on Check out our Thorntons Continental Advent Calendar Review too.

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