Thorntons Continental Nougat Delight Review

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Thorntons have literally thought out of the box with the Thorntons Continental Nougat Delight. They have replaced the cardboard box, which you'd traditionally find their chocolates supplied in, for a ring of nougat. The effect of this is a delicious looking edible cake-shaped box of chocolates.


The 20 continental chocolates set in two layers, wrapped within thick nougat that has been piped with dark chocolate, and with a thick slab of dark chocolate for the base, make this a very desirable table centrepiece decoration for Christmas. The nougat contains cherries and hazelnuts, a nice seasonal twist which really works. The flavour of the nougat is delicious, thick, creamy and sweet. We'd expect the nougat to last a family a good few days, as it's far too rich to consume in one sitting and it takes some time with it in your mouth to gain its chewy texture.

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The continental chocolates take you on a delicious trip around Europe's classical flavours. With Alpini, Hazelnut Slice, Chocolate Riche, Catalana, Cappuccino, Vanille Truffle, Viennese Truffle, Cherry Truffle, Diplomat, Valencia, Ganache Au Marc De Champagne, Sicilian Lemon Mousse and Mousse Au Chocolat.

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Taste Test

Thorntons always hit the nail right on the head when it comes to their milk, dark and white chocolate. It's extremely rich and should be savoured on the tongue for prolonged enjoyment. There was not one chocolate within the continental selection that we did not enjoy, they're all delicious. One of our favourite chocolates was the Hazelnut Slice, the velvety texture of this milk praline is so luscious. We also ravished the Cappuccino chocolate; its silky white chocolate exterior really gives the Italian coffee mousse justice, it's a burst of big flavour. 

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This ambitious product from Thorntons should fulfil even the most avid of nougat lovers' needs with its seasonal twist of cherries and hazelnuts. It's a brilliant way to enjoy a box of chocolates as a family or group, but if you're feeling generous, perhaps just leave this attractive decoration or table centrepiece out for your Christmas visitors to help themselves.

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