Thorntons Continental Advent Calendar Review

It's that time of year when consumers rush to purchase chocolate advent calendars. But lets be honest, here in the UK most have sub par chocolate. We think that's a real shame when Christmas is such a special time of the year. We believe if you're going to have a lead up to the big day, it should also be made special. Well Thorntons have something which appears to captivate this. It's called the Thorntons Continental Advent Calendar, it includes a selection of seasonal European chocolates. Retailing for £10, is it worth it?

The calendar is triangle in shape, representing a Christmas Tree, differing to the usual rectangles on the market. The graphics are continental drawings such as ball balls, sleighs, a lantern, a Vesper scooter, a toy soldier ect. All graphics are illustrated around the dreamy swirly branches. The colours used are simply black upon a cream white background, it's a more stylish and classy take on Christmas. The design is then finished with a small pink bow on the bottom.

The calendar is traditional in the countdown to Christmas with 24 assorted dark, milk and white pralines, truffles and mouses. All scattered across the calendar to eat on each day of December up until Christmas Day, where you're presented with a ginormous treat! To be specific 14 different chocolates are spread across the days, so you'll see duplicates. The Christmassy selection of Continental European chocolates are Alpini, Hazelnut Slice, Chocolate Riche, Catalana, Cappuccino, Vanille Truffle, Viennese Truffle, Cherry Truffle, Diplomat, Valencia, Ganache Au Marc De Champagne, Sicilian Lemon Mousse and Mousse Au Chocolat.

The chocolates are rich and heavenly in taste. The quality of each is magnitudes better than the basic milk chocolate mould advent Calendar. Every days new door will bring a true delectable delight, it's hard to resist peeking to see what the next day will bring. Our top three favourites were the Ganache Au Marc De Champagne which features a gorgeous Champagne filling coated in delicate milk chocolate. Next on our favourites is Cappuccino, we love coffee chocolates but this is very special. It's filled with airy coffee mousse that's coated in sweet white chocolate, which is then sprinkled with chocolate shavings, it's so naughty but nice. The last on our top three is the Alpini, probably the most Christmassy edition. It's coated in a thick layer of milk chocolate and filled with a delicate hazelnut and almond praline and is finished off with a fine dusting of white chocolate. The concussion of nutty chocolate flavour is perfectly balanced and will be sure to put a smile on your face in the morning.

To sum up the Thorntons Continental Advent Calendar is an elegant and exceptionally enjoyable cultural treat for the lead up to Christmas.