Ecocamel Orbit Showerhead Review

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In this day and age of ever increasing utility bills it is reassuring to know that there are products on the market that can help us save money by reducing our water and heating costs. The Ecocamel Orbit showerhead does just that and in so-doing helps us to reduce our carbon footprint also. It is a revolutionary product designed to reduce water consumption and improve the experience of showering. The water droplets that are produced are much lighter and softer, so they burst really easily on the skin to soak you  more efficiently without splashing everywhere. Normal droplets just bounce off you making you use more water to get you wet.

The Ecocamel Orbit showerhead has a very futuristic halo-shaped design. Within the halo it houses 10 clusters of nozzles that are positioned in a unique bicycle-spoke pattern. This produces an even spray with full water coverage. It is very simple to install; simply unscrew your existing shower-head and replace. The chrome shower-head is very classy looking and can be kept clean easily, with wipe-clean nozzles and detachable faceplates which are a great design feature. The faceplates are available in white or striking orange!

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We have had the Ecocamel Orbit shower-head for just over three weeks. It is attached to a Redring Expressions 500 electric shower system. So far we are all extremely pleased. Regulating the temperature on the Redring was always difficult as the settings are medium or high. I prefer a hot shower and my wife prefers a cooler shower. However, on the Redring the high was always slightly too hot and the medium setting too cool. The Ecocamel Orbit shower-head, when set on the high setting on the Redring, reduces the temperature slightly making it perfect for the whole family. This is due to the Ecocamel Orbit shower-head's clever design utilising its own Aircore Technology. The Aircore draws air in through the air intakes and mixes it with the water. This process increases the pressure and forces the water out the halo shower-head through 40 overlapping jets of water. (And now we don’t have to change the heat setting every time someone has a shower!)

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The Ecocamel Orbit shower-head has lived up to all its claims and definitely uses considerably less water. From an aesthetic point of view the halo design would enhance anyone’s bathroom, it is what you would expect to find in any modern wet room. The only downside we spotted was that it is noisier than our previous shower-head. This is due to the Aircore jet system, but it just means you can relax without other background noises interfering in your morning shower indulgence. Overall, the huge benefit to our family is that it saves water and energy and therefore money. 

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The product can be purchased direct from Ecocamel at £69.95, With the savings made from the reduction of water and energy used during showering the average family should find this will pay for itself in the long run. Well done Ecocamel!

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