Thorntons 100 Christmas Indulgences Review

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The Thorntons 100 Christmas Indulgences box of chocolates should see you, your friends and family through the 12 days of Christmas.


One thing you can guarantee with this selection from Thorntons is that your tongue won't get bored. Thorntons have whizzed together a humongous box of 100 chocolates, some purpose made for the Christmas collection and others hand picked for a Christmassy inspired flavour. Selections from the Premium, Continental and Classics are all elegantly found within this five layered box of chocolates. Two new and limited edition selections also make an appearance, these are the Christmas selection and the Winter Dessert Gallery selection. It's worth highlighting that the winter desserts are charmingly designed, you just want to pick them up and inspect their intricate detail.

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The high quality smooth white, milk and dark Thorntons based chocolates all make an appearance. The sheer amount of flavours is incredible and each of the chocolate's descriptions can be found when you open the box flaps, so you don't need to worry about losing a separate piece of paper containing this information as is so often the case. In fact, each of the five layers contains 20 individual chocolates. These include Marc de Champagne Truffle, Love Thorntons, Snowy Blizzard, All Wrapped Up, Snowball, Almond Frost, Jolly Orange, Star of Wonder, Treacle Tart, Spiced Apple Pie, Black Forest Gateau, Sherry Trifle, Alpini, Hazelnut Slice, Chocolat Riche, Viennese Truffle, Triple Treat, Fruit & Nutty, Turkish Delight and Gooey Caramel.

Taste Test

We enjoyed all the chocolates for the most part, but some really stand out. The Spiced Apple Pie was incredible, the smell and flavour were exactly like real apple pie, with gooey apple containing a hint of cinnamon in a milk chocolate shell, and crunchy Demerara sugar for the texture of an apple pie. It's a wonderfully unusual chocolate to enjoy after a large dinner. We also ravished the Black Forest Gateau, also from the British Puddings Gallery, it features layers of cherry compote and cherry flavoured chocolate truffle with lashings of kirsch and is encompassed in dark chocolate with flakes on top. Wow, this is a beautifully delicate chocolate that truly captures the flavours and textures of the dessert in single a bite.

The Snowball was also popular here at the studio; it has a creamy and very smooth airy interior. Its rounded exterior is, naturally, white chocolate to replicate a snowball, and the flavour of the airy vanilla mousse, combined with the white chocolate, is absolutely sublime. The Marc de Champagne Truffle is indulgent. It has a dark chocolate outer shell and the interior is a velvety smooth Marc de Champagne truffle that is rich, but pleasantly alcoholic.

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The weakest chocolate was Jolly Orange, a combination of marzipan and orange zest; we love orange flavoured chocolates but the orange flavour failed to break through, leaving us with a large helping of plain marzipan.


The Thorntons 100 Christmas Indulgences is full to the gills with delicious chocolates. Because they're so rich you won't want to eat one after another, so they should last families the best part of Christmas and possibly even into the new year. The new Winter Dessert range is something very special and the new Christmas collection also has some gems too. And, of course, included are many chocolates from other collections which help to widen the overall variety.

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