Beyza Cases Zero Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

This is the first encounter I have had with a Beyza product and I was so surprised and impressed with the amount of effort that has gone into the packaging. You are presented with a classy looking box which has a pull out draw that contains a really well made cream cloth bag and inside that is your iPhone case. This is by far the most impressive packaging design I have ever seen for just an iPhone case.

The exterior of the Zero case is made from real textured leather. The case comes in many different colours with different stiching colours adding to the mix. The inside of the case where your iPhone sits has nice scratch free soft lining. The thinness of the case is quite remarkable, I have never seen this style of case this thin. But the real leather and high quality craftsmanship makes this case really strong and sturdy.

My iPhone fits snugly inside. It's very easy to get your iPhone in and out of the Zero case as it has a 30 pin dock connector cut out at the bottom which I use to push my iPhone up slightly and it just makes it that little quicker to retrieve when that incoming call is occurring.

As you will never actually be using your iPhone inside the case your risk of drops and overall damage to your device is greatly reduced. But if you were to drop your iPhone in this case it could potentially fall out. This is a great case to just throw in your pocket or a bag as the whole iPhone is covered with the exception of the top of the iPhone which is exposed slightly.

If you're looking for this style of case then I wouldn't hesitate to purchase the Beyza Zero Case. It offers a bulk free design and a great build.