Beyza Cases Zero Case for HTC One X Review

The Beyza Zero Slim compatible with the HTC One X is as always from Beyzacases presented nicely with a plush box housing the case.

Colour variety is decent. We have brown, tan brown, red, white and black to choose from. I have the cream white case with an orange interior and with all the case colours the interior colour is also the same used for the stitching on the exterior. It looks very stylish.

This is made from genuine real leather and has a soft, yet relatively grippy texture. The stitching and overall construction quality is top rate and we haven't seen any signs of wear or tear yet. The interior is coated in smooth fabric to resist scratches on your HTC.

In terms of function of your phone when in the case, you won't really be able to do anything other than sync and charge as the bottom of the case has a cut out for the cable to insert. This is designed to store and protect your HTC One X smartphone when not in use. When you'd like to access your phone you'll have to take it out of the Zero Slim Case. I don't mind using these type of cases now and then and Beyza definitely make some of the best.

Protection is surprisingly good. The leather is strong but very thin, yet this doesn't really matter as mild drops, bumps and scrapes are no trouble for the case. It is worth considering in the scenario of a drop that the phone could fall out, due to the top of the case being entirely open.

Overall if you're looking for a sophisticated sleeve type case for your HTC One X, this will more than suffice.