Thursday Friday Dive Bag for iPad Review

The Californian fashion designer company Thursday Friday have created a bag for the iPad. They call it the Dive bag and it comes in pink on black, orange on slate and yellow on slate. It's made out of neoprene which really suits the colour combos and also feels nice to carry. Stitching and overall ruggedness is very good and we haven't seen any sign of wear or tear with use.

The only visual element which we think looks a little out of place is the fake strap buckle, it's just too big and takes away from the style of the bag. Under the buckle locates a secret magnetic closing mechanism that is quick and easy to operate.

An adjustable shoulder strap is attached to the Dive, which feels like its made out of a very silky nylon. The shoulder strap sets the bag off well and is petite and comfortable too.

Inside the bag are two compartments. Either can be used to house any version of the iPad. However the fit is on the rather tight side and every time I put my my iPad away I have to make a couple of final pushes because otherwise the comers are extruding out. Thursday Friday should definitely make the case looser. If you plan on having a skin or case attached to your iPad in conjunction with the Dive bag you won't be able to make it fit unless the case is razor thin. The other compartment can be used to keep a wallet, keys, earbuds and basically any very thin and smallish objects.

Your iPad is protected quite well within and it's perfectly adequate to use when commuting. The neoprene material which is literally what the whole case is made out of is thick an has a fair amount if shock absorbance.
Overall the Thursday Friday Dive Bag has a lot of style but perhaps isn't really that practical for many if all you plan on carrying around in it is your iPad.