Pong Research Anti Radiation Case for iPhone 4 & 4S Review

The Pong Soft Touch iPhone 4 & 4S Case is made out of soft Lexan. Lexan is the same material NASA used to make helmets and if you laminate sheets of Lexan together it can with stain a bullet. So the material is pretty strong. It feels comfortable in the hand which is also partly down to the nicely designed case.

A rainbow of vibrant colours are available with black, red, green, blue, purple, and pink being offered. I have the green which definitely stands out. Getting the iPhone into the case is quite simple, you have to snap it into place which when done the first time makes the case creak & crack a bit, admittedly I was a little worried about. But it doesn't seem to of mattered after a few weeks of use. The iPhone is kept very tightly within the case which is good but if you have any dirt trapped between the rear of your iPhone and the case, the iPhone could get scratched due to the hard coating of the cases interior.

The case doesn't cover the iPhones bezel in any way and therefore doesn't hinder the experience when using the iPhone. The rear camera and volume rockers are cut out neatly and allow for ease of access. The top and bottom of the case is totally removed, so the headphone jack, sleep & wake button, 30 pin dock connector and speakers are all exposed. If you're concerned about the screen, a screen protector is included within the box along with a cleaning cloth, I haven't used it yet but it's always nice to have one included.

The protection offered is very impressive when you take in the lightness and thinness of the case. Because Pong has constructed it from Lexan and it’s ridiculously durable. The perfect sort of case to have if you keep your iPhone in a pocket or bag. If you were to drop the iPhone onto it’s rear, it should with stain quite a beating but you have to take into account the open bottom, top and front.

The Pong Soft Touch claims to improve signal strength but we couldn’t see the benefit as much so compared with the Pong case for iPad. However the signal strength had improved with both Wi-Fi and 3G by a about a bar (or two on 3G) in both instances. The reason for any increase is caused by the case not triggering the proximity sensor which allows the iPhone to detect nearby objects without contact. The case is also meant to decrease the amount of radiation given from the phone to your body, something I cannot prove but a lot of evidence shows it works.

Overall the Pong Research Soft Touch Case for iPhone 4 & 4S is a good case. It has a neat design and good protection. But the main focus of this case is it’s ability to improve signal strength and it does. I have never seen anything else like it on the market so if you're in desperate need of a better signal is a solution. But if you just need a standard case perhaps this is a little to specialist.