be.ez LA robe for Wacom Bamboo Graphic Tablets Review

The be.ez LA robe is designed specifically for the New Edition Bamboo Tablets and comes in just one design. The design scheme matches the New Edition Bamboo Tablets which we reviewed earlier in the month. The exterior of the case is black with the exception of the be.ez logo in light green and is made out of a extraordinarily lightweight low resilience polyurethane shape-memory foam. This basically means that you can press against it and the foam remembers that embedded mark but will retain it's original shape after a short while, it's an impressively strong material. The foam is also used on the inside of the case meaning the LA robe has two layers of this stuff.

Two models of the LA robes are available for the Wacom Tablets. One being the 'Create' model, it's the bigger of the two for the bigger New Editions of the tablets. The other version being the one I have which is the 'Capture' and is of course for the smaller tablets. The Wacom tablet fits snuggly inside and also found inside is a tab for the tablets pen to be kept in. One zipper is placed on top of the LA robe, it works great and isn't in anyway hindered with usage.

The protection is rugged but at the same time preservers the small, light weight design. This is all down to the foam material used which will absorb the impact of a drop. It's definitely the perfect kind of case to keep the tablet in when you're not using it, which is what I do.

Overall I found the be.ez LA robe for very convenient to be able to take around a Wacom Tablet with this small, lightweight case. It's so easy to get the tablet in and out and is definitely a must have case for those who plan to be on the move their Wacom Bamboo. The protection is also very impressive but not as impressive as the price!