Booq Mamba Courier Bag Review

This is the Booq Mamba Courier 13 inch edition. In many respects its design is Tardis-like, which reflects the slim appearance of this elegant bag.

The exterior of the Mamba Courier bag is thick and rugged, being constructed from an inventive natural fibre fabric which has been specifically conceived for the Booq Fibre Collection. This fabric doesn't just feel nice to touch but is also water resistant, making it especially suitable for carrying electronic goods around. The material has been organically dyed and is available in grey, sand or black, with all colours complimenting the shape and fabric of the stylishly smart bag. Visually it's one of the most attractive bags we've had in our studio. Added to this Booq have designed and produced a bag that protects valuable goods whilst the bag itself remains lightweight and strong. The inside of the bag has a silky interior made from a high quality nylon. In use we found the bag wasn't flimsy and would keep its original shape due to the reinforced corners and flaps.

There is a handle situated at the top of the bag that is looped around a metal skeleton so it won't wear away at the bag or itself, and this is also padded and quite substantial, so it is a very comfortable and immediate method of carrying the bag. The Mamba Courier also sports a 15mm padded adjustable shoulder strap, and we preferred carrying the bag in this satchel manner as it is comfortable and distributes the weight better when loaded with dense heavy items. It also looks rather smart and stylish carried like this too. When the strap is not in use it fits neatly within the back pouch but cannot be detached from the bag.

The back of the bag has a large flat pocket which is ideal for storing magazines, literature or even an A4 notepad or sketchbook. Also inside this pocket is a pouch to place a phone. An iPhone 5 with a thick case attached, such as the OtterBox Armor, fits perfectly.

Entering the Mamba Courier bag is achieved via flap buckles, which no doubt add to the security, but initially we found them hard to use when needing to access the bag quickly. However, after a day or so familiarising ourselves with the bag this did improve; although the fact remains that those trying to take items very quickly from inside the bag will find the buckle straps a bit of a hurdle.

Once the front cover of the bag is lifted we're presented with a large zipped pouch on the front, ideal for things like charging cables to be stored, and a clip-on detachable keyring holder is located on the inside of this pouch.

The flagship part of the bag is also accessed via a zip and has a padded divider. The Booq Mamba Courier is available in 11 inch 13 inch and 15 inch, making one or other compatible with nearly all notebook computers. Our 13 inch version was a perfect fit for our 13.3 inch Macbook (or a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro of the same size). On the other side of the divider are a slew of pockets. One of these is designed to store an iPad, Amazon Kindle or other tablet, even with a case attached. Two smaller pockets and three pen & pencil holders are stitched to the outside of the tablet pocket. Extra space exists in front of these pockets and we found this area ideal for quickly storing smaller gadgets and objects. The ability to store both a notebook and tablet is convenient, but plenty of additional space is dished up here too.

All of Booq's products come with Terralinq™ which is a unique serial number. On the Booq Mamba Courier it's stitched on the case under the back of the cover flap. Terralinq helps you to retrieve your bag and goods if lost, as the unique serial number can be registered. Thus anyone finding a registered bag can inform Terralinq and the service will contact you with the location of your bag and the finder's information. This is in no way a foolproof method for lost and found but would prove convenient if you were to lose your bag and it was found by somebody honest, especially given the value of the products that are likely to be stored inside.

We would sum up our appraisal of the Booq Mamba Courier bag quite simply by saying it is a stylishly well-made bag that will securely protect all those expensive items of personal tech which need immediate access throughout your day.