Native Union Moshi Moshi 04i (MM04i) Bluetooth Speaker/ Dock Review

The Native Union Moshi Moshi 04i is a two part design handset speaker system/ dock.

Two colour skews are available. One having a black base and a silver speaker unit and another skew has a brown base and a copper brown speaker unit. The actual design is unique and you get the impression that a lot of time has been spent on everything surrounding the product, including the box that has the coolest barcode design I have ever seen! The base and speaker both have sleek concave curves and an exterior rubbery finish making the overall unit quite durable. The speaker has, a brushed aluminium front. This really finishes off the overall design, making it look rather stunning anywhere in a house or work environment. And because of the speakers curved back, when placed on a table or any flat surface it looks as if it's levitating.

The design doesn't just look good but is also very functional. The speaker is simply placed upon the dock and it then begins to charge, once charged you can place the speaker wherever you'd like and it will work via it's inbuilt battery. The dock doesn't communicate to the speaker in anyway other than using it for charging. The dock also offers to charge your iOS devices via a built in 30 pin dock connector. This is spring loaded into the front of the base and to gain access a simple press upon it will trigger it to pop out and once done you can just push it back in.

The Bluetooth setup is quick and easy, the range given is around 10-14 metres. You can have two devices connected at once. Anything with a Bluetooth connection will work, meaning you have a vast range of devices to connect. The battery isn't so impressive with regard to music playback given being a mere tow hours. But six hours of talk time is much more something more to brag about.

Audio quality is acceptable for listening to music, the speaker even has buttons to control your music from the device playing and they all work great. For 2x 2watt speakers the amount of bass and overall audio volume is impressive. Call quality is fantastic and is definitely loud enough for a conference call. But I have found myself using the Moshi Moshi 04i for taking calls in the kitchen when cooking, it's just so convenient being able to move it around anywhere! The audio quality from the microphones is probably the real killer feature. Offering noise reduction from audio other than a humans voice, creates a sharp, loud and pristine call.

Overall the Native Union Moshi Moshi 04i looks fantastic. The whole unit is easy to function and use. But most importantly it excels at it's sole purpose of being a handset speaker base!