OtterBox Defender Series for iPad 2 Review

So here it is the OtterBox Defender Series for the iPad 2.

Currently the Defender Series for the iPad 2 only comes in one color which is black. More colors should come overtime hopefully as black isn't the most stylish color. Offering a thinner and lighter design in comparison with the previous Defender Series for the iPad 1 is greatly appreciated. It takes the bulk out of holding the case in your hands and makes it easier to carry around. 

The Defenders have always traditionally been made up of three layers and this is no exception. So your iPad sits in the first layer which is a polycarbonate shell. The polycarbonate shell is lined in foam which helps shock absorbance with drops and makes sure your iPad isn't directly lying on the polycarbonate making sure it doesn't get scratched. The second layer is made up of silicone, this wraps itself around the shell and is the hardest part to apply. All in all the Defender takes around 8-10 minutes to apply on your iPad and can be quite cumbersome. Which makes this case not the kind you can just take off and put back on when you fancy. I really think I should stress that GumDrop do a better job with the Drop series with regard to applying it than OtterBox do, so take a leaf out of there book. The third layer is a plastic clip on cover which can either cover the touch screen or the back. This cover doubles up as a stand which allows you to position your iPad in a sturdy typing position and an upright position for watching video ect. The plastic cover is exceptionally useful and is much improved compared to the cover which came with the iPad 1 Defender Series.

The functionality is done well. Like all Defenders they cover your device as much as possible, so with this you have artificial volume rockers and sleep/ wake buttons inbuilt into the case sitting on top of the real things. Everything else is covered with flaps with the exception of the microphone and speaker. The flaps are very easy to detach from the case to reveal your mute switch or headphone jack but they are too easy to detach, I found them coming loose a lot with just basic usage such as playing a game. This is a huge flaw for those who need to keep the dust and dirt out of an iPad, such as people who use this case in the industry in manufacturing plants. I did like the flap for the 30 pin dock connector however, a small flap is located just for enough space to put a 30 pin cable and then a bigger flap containing the smaller one is placed. This is really useful for using accessories within the defender making sure you don't have to take the case off as that can be a real pain.

The bezel of your iPad isn't covered completely which is always a good thing. This allows you to use your iPad in a much more free and comfortable manner.

The protection is obviously awesome. Big drops aren't a problem with the shock absorbance being built into the foam in the first layer and with the huge amount the silicone layer offers also. Dust scratches and bumps are not a worry for your iPad 2 if it's in a Defender. The screen of course isn't protected but if you buy the case from OtterBox directly you get a free screen protector.

Overall the Defender Series for the iPad 2 is another solid release. With awesome protection, less bulk, very comfortable to use and is accessible.