Lusso Cartella Luxury Business - Slim Office Case for iPad 2/3/4 Review

This is undoubtably the most expensive iPad case we have ever reviewed and after a good two weeks of it being my only iPad case, I think I'm ready to give my verdict on it.

It's called the Lusso Cartella Luxury iPad case and Lusso Cartella means luxury cases in Italian. Fitting the iPad 2 and the just released New iPad. The first thing I saw of this product like every other was the box and this comes in one which is well worth writing about. It reminded me of the box Harry Potter was presented with when he received his first wand. Once you have lifted the lid off the box you'll find the case inside a cloth bag, everything's presented in a plush, luxurious manner.

The case itself is handmade and that translates into the best build quality and materials used on a case that I have ever seen. Stitching is ridiculously precise and every element is precisely square and perfect. You just know a great deal of time has been used to make these. Real leather the sole material used and is found on the exterior and on the interior and you can choose from a variety of textures and colours. With over two weeks of regular daily usage no sign of wear or tear has arisen.

Extra storage is found on the exterior of the case with a zipped pocket compartment. This can be used to keep pens, pencils, iPhones, iPods, business cards. Surprisingly this compartment doesn’t add very much bulk to the case but an impressive amount can be stored within. More storage can be found inside the case of the left for paper documents ect. I found myself using that more than the front compartment but I can see both being hugely convenient to many.

To get an iPad into the case you will need to tuck it into the right hand side of the case. Now this fitting incorporates the New iPad and iPad 2 without a struggle and is securely held inside plus the bezel hasn’t been restricted at all.

In terms of functionality the audio jack, sleep/ wake button, volume rockers and 30 pin dock connector can all be controlled straightforwardly when in the case. But the mute switch is covered and that isn’t really a huge annoyance compared to the rear camera not being cut out. This is a real hurdle especially for all the New iPad owners who are enjoying the brilliant inbuilt camera like myself. Hopefully it’s something that can be fixed in the near future. I can see it being hard to incorporate in the handmade process which all of these go through.

The folio design works well and just using the iPad in the case feels comfortable, with the high quality leather resting up against my hands. It looks very sleek and beauteous and is definitely a case to be proud of having attached to your iPad.

Protection offered from the Lusso Cartella Luxury Business- Slim Office Case is of course going to be outstanding. With the combination of a sturdy well built design and high quality leather this will handle drops of a biggish proportion. The case is well matched carried inside a bag of sorts but most vitally you can keep this on your desk and throw it around like we all do without the need to worry much.

Overall this is a handsomely crafted case for the iPad and should be admired by all iPad owners even if it’s out of the budget. The build quality and presentation is the best we have ever seen on a case and has seriously raised the bar for what can be done in our estimations.