EK Ekcessories iCat Neck It for iPhone, iPod & iPad Review

The iCat Neck It is essentially a neck strap for your iOS device. Coming in 21 design/ colour skews, something for everyone can be found.

The Neck It is made out of Nylon Braid and Plastic both manufactured in the USA. Both materials are hard wearing and the overall build is solid but not at all bulky. The ability to remove the 30 pin dock connector part via a backpack buckle means you can attach additional connectors for different devices, a pretty neat feature.

The nylon braid that goes over your head to be rested on your neck is quite big and that makes it easy to take on and off. A slider can be used to adjust the tightness and that's easy enough to do. Connecting an iPhone, iPad or iPod is as simple as connecting them to charge. The 30 pin connector is inserted into the bottom of the device and to add a little bit more protection two teeth attach themselves into the 30 pin insert. This means you have to use two fingers to press a mechanism to get you device unhooked. 

I can see this being used in conjunction with the iPad for businesses such as restaurants where the waiter could take your order on his or her iPad and when they need to use their hands for other things they can let the iPad dangle freely and securely. It also works extremely well with the iPhone for someone who is traveling on foot and taking lots of photos. You wouldn't need to keep getting your iPhone in and out of your pocket, instead it would just always be available.

The iCat Neck It comes in a huge number of skews plus the design and build is solid and non bulky. Definitely not a product everyone is in need of but for some this will be found to be extremely useful.