EK Ekcessories iCat Wrist It for iPhone, iPod & iPad Review

Essentially the iCat Wrist It is a wrist strap for your iDevice. It comes in 21 vibrants colours and design skews. I have the black version which looks and feels very rugged.

A mixture of rope and nylon braid is used for to construct the Wrist It. The overall design is very hard wearing and resistive but at the same time time it’s not overly bulky. One element of the design which I thought was kind of neat is the detachable backpack like buckle which removes the front that holds the connector for your iDevice. This could allow for other devices to be connected onto the Wrist It with additional attachments. And it could also allow you to attach it to a backpack if it is compatible.

The part of the iCat Wrist It you wear around your wrist has an adjustable slider making sure it’s securely fitted. Connecting an iPhone, iPad or iPod is as simple as connecting them to charge. The 30 pin connector is inserted into the bottom of the device and to add a little bit more protection two teeth attach themselves into the 30 pin insert. This means you have to use two fingers to press a mechanism to get you device unhooked.

I found the iCat Wrist It more useful on my iPhone 4S as I love to take photos and videos with the phone. This meant I could have it attached to me and ready for when I need it instantly, unlike if it were in my pocket. So i can definitely see this being useful for those who travel a lot. But it’s also perfect for those who are cumbersome to dropping their device, you can quite easily let go of your iPhone or iPod and allow them to fall and then be caught by the Wrist It and then have that nice feeling of relief. The hold given is fantastic and even if someone tugs on your device it won’t come free.

Overall the iCat Wrist It for the iPhone, iPod and iPad works just as it implies. The design and build is superb, plus it’s made in the USA.