EK Ekcessories Dri Cat Neck It Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

We have reviewed two offerings from Ek USA, both being neck and wrist straps for your iDevices. But this, the Dri Cat (iCat) Neck It for iPhone 4/4S and is the first case we have ever tested from the company. What makes it very exciting is the fact it's been designed specifically to be a waterproof and contour to the shape of the iPhone.

Very nice beachy colour choices are available with aqua blue, light green, yellow, orange, black and white. Hard thick plastics are used to construct the case, offering good protection. With the exception of the front where the iPhone screen rests up against and the rear which has cutouts for the iPhone's camera, these are made up of a flexible plastic/ silicone material. The Ek Lanyard (chord) is thick, hard wearing and offers the ability to detach itself from the Neck It. It's comfortable to wear and is of an adequate length. The overall build quality of the Dri Cat feels very substantial and is truly made in the USA.

Using the Dri Cat is rather comfortable in the hand and having it on hand whenever I need it, like when I'm sitting at the pool side or spending the day at the beach is very convenient. Becuase it looks quite modern, it isn't at all geeky looking when having it hang around your neck.

Inserting the iPhone requires a small latch to be undone at the top of the case and 180 degree twist of the top. Then a pinch of latches located on each side of the case with simultaneous pull to open it up, this is the most challenging part of the design but after a few repeats of the process, it became easier. Now insert the iPhone and close and lock.

The case can be safely submerged in water of 18 feet (6 meters). I have submerged my iPhone in the sea and in a pool, it's always scary when first doing so but the case didn't let any water in. Another really nice feature of the Dri Cat is that you can use the iPhone's capacitive touch screen under water. It works well enough to be able to do basic touch commands but any precision needed isn't possible to achieve. Misreadings and inaccuracies are common and the occasional random swipes when not doing anything also occur.

The camera cut outs don't appear to hinder image quality but any water droplets lingering on the cutout will make a photo unrecognisable. But you can't access any of the functions of your iPhone other than the camera, including making and receiving calls. You can't even access the audio jack which is usually a feature presented on waterproof cases.

Overall the Dri Cat lacks some of the features we have seen on other waterproof cases and the fact you can use the screen under water, also featuring the nice solid design specifically crafted for the iPhone. Makes this the best waterproof iPhone 4/ 4S case we've used yet.

You can purchase the Dri Cat Case by clicking here or alternatively go to Amazon below respective of your region.