Acase Stylus for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Review

In my opinion a stylus is nothing but trouble for navigating a touch based operating system. The whole concept of a stylus is just ridiculous to me and you still won’t convince me of anything else. Multi Touch is the clear way forward.

But that doesn’t stop me from trying out yet another stylus to meet and greet the iPhone and iPad. The only real argument I can see for using a stylus on these devices is to draw for real pin point precision.

The Acase Stylus is one of the nicest in the hand styluses for the iPhone and iPad. It looks fantastic. Beautiful chrome lining around the bottom and top, well I say chrome it feels like stainless steel but i’m certain they are made out aluminium completely. They come in four colors red, blue silver and black. The black feels like a matt finish whereas the others feel semi matt-glossy.

Another stylus I tried a while back was made of glass and felt very cold in the and hand which also took ages to heat up. This may not sound like a big deal but having to pick up such a cold item is just a pain and discomforting. The Acase stylus is slightly cold when first touched but warms up within seconds little things like this help to make a great product even if wasn't deliberate when manufactured. 

So how well does it actually work. If your not familiar with styluses for the Apple multi touch displays they basically replicate a finger using rubber at the tip. Some work really well and some don’t. This stylus tracks perfectly. You can tell however that iOS was never designed for a stylus of this nature in any way shape or form when beginning to use it solely.

The only real use I found for the stylus was in drawing and artwork applications. Graphic designers who are use to pens and pencils will welcome the Acase Stylus. It worked well with drawing Apps like ‘Brushes’ and ‘Flip Book’. You really can get pin point accuracy when using it something that the finger isn’t so good at or should I say we’re not so good at. I think it actually is a lot more natural to draw with your finger than using a pen or a pencil. You can see some amazing videos on YouTube where people draw some incredible things using their fingers and iPad and I mean incredible. One artist who does this said we are all capable but are not use to it yet and I completely agree.

Overall the Acase Stylus is great for those who need a stylus for drawing and graphic App’s but if you don’t need I stylus I wouldn’t recommend one. However this is the best stylus I have yet to use for the iPhone and iPad. It has a great design, feels nice in the hand and the price is decent also at $11.95.