Haworth My Table Review

A table designed specifically to be used with notebooks and tablets, sounds like quite an interesting concept on paper. Unfortunately this offering from Haworth called the My Table is an underwhelming attempt. The underlying ideas are sound but the execution of them isn’t.

Assembling the My Table was very plain sailing and easily accomplished with just one person. Remove the aluminum base and adjustable steel table from the box. Insert one spring washer, then the bolt and tighten (with included hex/ allen key). That’s it.

The tables designed by award-winning Danish designer Johannes Torpe. Apple like it isn’t. It tries to be, but unfortunately doesn’t quite capture the same organic charm Apple is so good at. The entire table is white in colour

The single asymmetric leg adds a degree of simplification on the eye and means you can snugly sit underneath the tabletop. It’s height is adjustable up to 20cm and is made easier for the user with the incorporation of quick release air compression within the leg. The operating height is from 60cm to 80cm. To secure in place, simply fold the clip inwards. Also wroth noting is a protruding clip attached onto the stand, intended to be used as a bag holder.

The tabletop measures 59cm in length and 32cm in width. It allows for incremental tilting which has one major flaw. Because the process of tilting is executed via putting weight onto the surface, the user can’t lean on the tabletop when using it, otherwise the surface will move with you. Excruciatingly annoying. However when not leaning on the table, tilting works well and the overall table is sturdy. Typing on occasion triggers the table to provide feedback though. You can adjust the angle of screen view ect to your liking and I really did appreciate this. It’s especially useful with tablets, to gain a nice typing angle without having to use a case.

The tabletops white surface excluding where notebooks and tablets sit, has a dusty epoxy powder feeling finish and isn’t very grippy. So objects like pens, slide off it quite easily, when at an angle. It’s actually mildly prevented by an embedded smooth area to rest a notebook or tablet on, as it will likely catch a sliding object. But it’s more convenient to have such objects resting outside of this area. Jotting notes and the general writing experience is however satisfying anywhere on the table. The surface outside of the embedded area, is a particular inconvenience with an optical mouse. Mice simply don’t track correctly on the textured surface. Another huge flaw, as I, like many others use a mouse as a method of input alongside my MacBook Pro or any other notebook.

In terms portability, I couldn’t say that the My Table was portable. It’s tabletop can fold completely horizontally and the height can be brought down to 60cm but it’s aluminum construction makes it too hefty to freely carry around the home or office.

Overall the Haworth My Table is a mediocre attempt at crafting a wholesome table for 21st century lifestyles. Coupled with a price tag that’s also a little too steep, at £199.95. If you do want one, it’s an Apple Store Exclusive, so that’s the only destination you'll be able to purchase the My Table through.