Brainwavz M5 Earphones Review

The Brainwavz M5 Earphones are a relatively high spec package. With a metal enclosure on each of the buds. A high quality compact zipped travel pouch. And high specification claims in the audio department.

The metal in-ear buds look like cutoff bullets, a style I've grown to like. They're not constructed with the same degree of precision as the RHA MA-450i Earphones, but these retail for around half their price. With that in mind, the build definitely exceeds the price point. A metal enclosure at this price is greatly admired and will of course help with audio output and long jeopardy. They're available in black a very sleek metallic copper.

A good skew of six sets of easily interchangeable sized rubber and comply tips are included, ranging from small to large sizes. I found the pair of tips which were a little bigger than small, fitted my ears perfectly. Over prolonged periods of usage, they continued to be comfortable. The lightness and compactness pursue the comfort.

One of the original downfalls I had presumed this set of earphones had, was a lack of a remote to control audio output. But after looking these up on Amazon, it appears two models exist and the price difference is around $4. I have the remote-less version unfortunately. The model with a built in remote works with iOS devices. Judging from the photos I've seen, it's a standard sort of remote that allows for pausing/ playing music, skipping tracks, adjusting volume and answering calls. But for me any inclusion of a remote, improves the music and the overall device functioning experience. The remote also includes a microphone which I'm unable to comment on due to not using it.

Audio quality from the 10mm drivers, producing a frequency range of 16-18 kHz, is good. Audio at times can sound very polluted, with vocals fighting against instruments to be heard. This seems to be more prominent with bass heavy songs but highlights a weak point these earphones incorporate. Other than this niggle, they're generally good all round performers. Audio across genres is rich and airy, featuring well represented mid-highs, level bass and punchy acoustics. At the $34-$39 price point, they offer true value.

The Brainwavz M5's aren't subject to sound leakage, which is good. But most importantly they're comparatively noise isolating. Surrounding audio such as vehicles and people, have a hard time being heard over playing audio.

In summary the Brainwavz M5 Earphones offer excellent value. Audio quality and build are equally good, for those on a budget, definitely note this pair as a compelling option.