Swissvoice ePure BH01i & BH01u Mobile Bluetooth Station Review

There are two versions of this product. The Swissvoice ePure BH01i and the BH01U. The mild difference being the BH01i includes a retractable 30 pin dock. I have the BH01U. Both share the concept that they benefit the user by being used as a phone handset and also doubling as a speaker.

The instant appeal of this handset is in the design. The definite lines which allure a block like effect creates a bold yet somehow subtle look. What's really unusual is the use of black glossy plastic within the hollow insides and matte on the outer sides. Quite an unexampled design.

The phone sits on the base and of course is freely removable. It's light and comfortable to hold up to the face over extended periods of time. A good amount of grip is given from the matte exterior, but a hollow middle enables the thumb and fingers to contain an even securer hold.

The base can be used to charge the phone via docking it. It also incorporates along the back a USB port, to be used to charge devices. The BH01i will feature a retractable 30 pin dock on the front. The power source for the base is found from an included micro USB to USB 2.0 cable that plugs into the back of the dock. I preferred to charge the actual phone itself,directly through a micro USB port located under a flap at the bottom, it just seemed easier. Battery life is difficult to measure. When the handset is in standby, the battery is gently sipped but when a call is made ect, the battery drains quicker. From the mix of the two, you should, get a solid half work week of usage. But you may plan on using the dock plugged into the wall, so battery life wouldn't be a concern then.

My iPhone 5 found and paired with the handset instantly. What really impressed me though was the range given over Bluetooth. It's around 24 meters, easily enough to leave your iPhone upstairs or in the next room away and still answer calls with zero connection hiccups. However I've found myself using the handset to quickly answer calls when my iPhone is in my pocket.

You can function Siri, answer calls, make calls, adjust the volume and turn on speaker phone, via just the handset. A plus shaped pad of four buttons is located on the upper half of the phone. It allows the user to skip music tracks, pause/ play music and turn the speaker phone on and off. To the right of these are two buttons that grant the adjustment of volume. You can use this with other devices such as with an iPod touch or smartphone or computer but some of the functions will be restricted. I think it would make a great Skype phone for prolonged users though.

Audio quality produced from both the microphone and speakers is clear and crisp, vocal performance from the recipient of a call is striking. Being able to adjust the volume level on the handset itself (when not using hands free) is undoubtably useful. So many calls I encounter are too weak using my iPhone with full volume projection. This solves that issue entirely. Volume levels can go very high, especially in hands free mode. Audio output as a music speaker isn't bad at all, but I couldn't justify a purchase of this product to be used exclusively in this way. It's a great extra, but far better dedicated speakers can be found at much lower prices. Also worth noting are the elegant sound effects heard when turing the unit on and off, or when it's charging.

Overall the Swissvoice ePure BH01u and the BH01i Mobile Bluetooth Stations, excel at there intended purposes, of being a wireless mobile handset. It would suit an office environment brilliantly and avid callers could wreak the rewards too.