CaseCrown Cali Glider Case for iPhone 5 Review

The CaseCrown Cali Glider Case for the iPhone 5 is one of my favourite cases for the newly launched phone, that I've had chance to use so far.

Cali stands for California and comes in four shades of colour that deliberately suit the area well, with orange, yellow, purple and green being offered. I have the orange, which looks very stylish in person but all colours are perfectly tailored for the matte textures.

I love the exterior matte finish, it feels so comfortable to hold and the edges are all contoured slightly, preventing the case from digging into your hand. It's very light and thin, retaining the iPhone 5’s ultra compact design. Also this case is a finger print free zone and it holds up well to dirt and muck. 

The case covers the rear and side of your iPhone and of course the screen is completely exposed. I personally prefer this style of case because it makes using the iPhone far less intrusive but it does mean the screen isn't covered at all. So small and mild drops onto the solid surfaces should be contained from the rear and sides and the odd scrape and scratch will be shrugged off. It's the ideal sort of case to have on your iPhone if you primarily commute with it in your pocket.

The interior of the case is lined in felt, preventing scratches and direct pressure against the plastic of the case which would hinder protection. To insert the iPhone you have to slide it into the top part of the case and then pop the bottom piece on and you're good to go. Having two separate parts makes it easier to access the lighting connector on the bottom for future accessories released.

Functionality of your iPhone is still here. The volume rockers, sleep and wake button, mitre switch and rear camera/ LED Flash are neatly cutout, but the sleep and wake button may be a little too recessed for some. I didn't find it troublesome but those with a bigger index finger might get agitated.

Overall the CaseCrown Cali Glider Case is a fantastic choice for those who want a comfortable, stylish, functional, well made and ulta affordobale ($5/ £10) case to put on their iPhone 5.