CaseCrown Bonbons Snap On Case for iPhone 5 Review

We've so far given all CaseCrown releases for the iPhone 5 a firm nod of approval. The previous cases we tested were two part cases within CaseCrown's Glider series. This case, the Bonbons Case is from the Snap On lineup.

Dubbed Bonbons because the assortment of colours is reminiscent to that of the bonbons the American cheerleaders use. These colours are pink, light blue, light grey and vanilla white. The four colours all look very up beat and rather appealing. Something we thought was quite unusual is the inclusion of a thought provoking quote found within the interior.

As we've discovered from experience with snap on cases, they can be a real pain to apply and remove. Rejoice this case was very easy to apply and remove. As it's title suggests the case simply snaps on, leaving a precise fit, with no resulting damage to the iPhone 5. The interior isn't lined in fabric like the Glider Series, so we always made sure no muck or debris sat. That way we made sure we prevented damage to the rear of the device. Removing the case is just as easy, we found that pressing a finger through the rear camera hole gave enough give to make it very quick and easy to pop the iPhone 5 out. 

Something we absolutely detested about this case is it's exterior glossy finish. It happens to be a finger print magnet, easily cleaned with a quick wipe of a sleeve but is still a real annoyance.

The shape of the case we award a definite thumbs up to. It's thin and light, preserving the intended iPhone 5's design, enabling the case to feel pleasant to hold. The corners on the sides are more rounded than that of the iPhone 5’s, preventing dig within the palms of the hands. 

Because the case is so thin and light, protection deployed isn't rock solid. Bumps, scratches and mild drops from about a metre or two, will be about as much as this case is able to cope with. No shock absorbance is presented either, unlike the Glider series for iPhone 5, due to those cases having a fabric lining. Something that should also be kept in mind is the lack of screen protection.

The top and bottom of the case are totally cutout, leaving the sleep/ wake button, stereo speakers, lightning connector and auxiliary input wide open for un-intruded access. Mute switch and volume rockers on the left are precisely cutout of the case and are easy to use too. 

Overall this is a another good case release for the iPhone 5 from CaseCrown. We love the Bonbon Snap On's design, colours, shape and insanely cheap Amazon prices that can be seen below. It also preserves the iPhone 5's original thin design well. But the finger prints dilemma is iterating.