Blackjack by PlayPhone for iPad Review

Finding a good Blackjack title made for the iPad within the App Store, can be confusing. Should you purchase an App or go with a free version? Well I've tried dozen plus Blackjack Apps for the iPad and all have advantages and disadvantages. However I like the thrill of playing against real humans. Only a few Blackjack Apps have this feature and PlayPhone Blackjack App offers the playability of online play for an upfront cost of nothing. 

Now this App doesn't allow the gambling of real money, like you'd get from a purpose built website. Instead your playing with virtual in App cash and I found it to add a fun layer to the game. You receive 5,000 free chips when you join and are awarded a 1,000 free chips every day after that. If you gamble your chips away, you'll either have to wait until the next day to receive your 1,000 or have to purchase In-App chips to play and compete again. 

It's easy to discover new tables to watch or participate on, via a simple scroll through interface. The App is very easy to use, yet is quite ugly. The game interface is a straightforward tap to hit/ twist, stand/ stick and raise the bet. You'd think with the use of multitouch technology, the developers would have been more creative with the control scheme. No Apple like transitions or animations are packed in to dazzle us, making the experience a little underwhelming and static.

However the App performs superbly, it keeps a solid connection with the servers and I have never experienced a dropped game or a game with considerable lag. This side of the App feels to of had the most effort put into it. A maximum of three players excluding the dealer, can participate within a game. If you want to play against friends, you can through Facebook setup a game or be invited.

Overall PlayPhones edition of Blackjack for the iPad is the best App in it's field when it comes to online play. Hopefully with time and updates the interface and control scheme will mature and advance.