CaseCrown Chameleon Glider Case for iPhone 5 Review

The CaseCrown Chameleon Glider Case for the iPhone 5, is an iteration of the matte finished Cali Glider or vice versa.


The Chameleon cases are very novelty in exterior finish. CaseCrown include a pearlescent paint finish on every skew. These are Blue/ Purple (mine), Olive/ Aqua Green and Purple/ Brown. In different lighting scenarios when tilted, the exterior colour of my case transitions from blue to purple. Definitely a unique selling point but I prefer the matte feel of the Cali Glider over the gloss finish this case has. The gloss is a magnet for dirt and pocket fluff but redeemed itself by refusing to give into finger prints. It seems to not display any at all, maybe the darker colour hides them? But I'm pretty certain the surface has some sort of anti finger print coating, something CaseCrown don't advertise this case of having.

It's been comfortable to hold and use the iPhone 5 within the case, over the past two weeks. The tapered edges make sure it doesn't dig into your hands. The build hasn't depreciated with use either. However the glossy finish won't provide the same level of grip the Cali Glider produced. It preserves the thin and light iPhone 5 design well, achieving a comfortable, causal all round case solution.

The interior is coated in soft fabric, reducing risk of scratches and other harm coming to your iPhone when inserted. Two parts of the case snap onto the iPhone's rear. The bottom piece is the significantly shorter, allowing for easy full access of the lightning port without having to remove the entire case.

Plastic is used on the exterior body. It feels like the plastic used on the Cali, excluding the gloss finish. It's quite thick and very solid. Coupled with the soft fabric interior, it kept my iPhone out of harm from a controlled drop of around two meters. Mild protection that is ideal for casual impacts. The screen is a little bit recessed into the case, so if you were to drop your iPhone within the Chameleon face down, the screen wouldn't directly touch the surface below.

Volume rockers, mute switch, sleep/ wake button, rear camera & Flash, auxiliary input and speakers are all precisely cutout of the case. Because the case is relatively thin, the buttons and ports aren't too embedded, so everything is un-troublesome to access and use.

Overall the CaseCrown Chameleon Glider Case is a good fully functional offering from CaseCrown. I'd opt for the Cali Glider over it but the pearlescent colours may swing it for some.