Thursday Friday Shelter Keyring Review

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Thursday Friday Home iPhone Case. It was made with real fox fur which I disagreed with. But Thursday Friday seem to have a divide of opinion themselves with the usage of fur in their products. The Shelter Keyring's promote the fact that they are 100% artificial and for the purchase of every one, Thursday Friday will donate $1 to the animal welfare institute? Maybe this will transition across all product lines?

This Shelter Keyring's come in two bear types and in one feline option with honey bear, Panda Bar and Black Cat. All designs look very cute and feel soft and warm. The stuffing is 100% polyester, the exterior fluff is 100% polyester and the ribbon is also 100% polyester, so this is a very vegan friendly product.

It's remarkably well made, the stitching and intricate details of the face are well done. It's also rather light, in fact the heaviest element is the large keychain located on top of the head. The most evident factor the Shelter Keyring presents is its size, it's big. Not too big to fit in your pocket and it's clearly a design choice that adds to the overall cuteness, it's about the same size as a child's toy teddy bear. Definitely eye catching in public and will attract a few smiles.

After a few weeks of usage my Honey Bear Keyring is still plump and fluffy. It puts up with being squished pretty well and all facial features have stayed intact. I'm not quite sure if they're machine washable but I have rinsed under the tap and it didn't cause any damage.

The Thursday Friday Shelter Keyring's are cute and quirky and I think many will admire these well made balls of fluff.