Gear4 Pop Case for iPhone 5 Review

Pop is the name of this skin/ shell case from Gear4 for the iPhone 5. Ideal for those who don't want to add bulk or weight to their new iPhone 5, it's nearly paper thin and weighs around 8 grams.

The exterior of the case is glossy and the rear side has the option of coming in red, blue, purple, green, teal and black. The sides of the case are translucent and because of this from a distance it looks like you just have something protecting solely the back of your iPhone.

Mild drops, bumps and scrapes will be protected against from the rear and sides but the screen is totally exposed to the wild. The case is made out of very strong plastic but the thinness will weaken protection against bigger drops. 

Applying the iPhone 5 for the first time is a little troublesome, the case is quite stiff and didn't allow much flex, so I was cautious of damaging the sides of my phone when inserting. However after using the case for good chunk of time, it has loosened and is now easier to get in and out. A choice Gear4 made with the Pop case to keep it ultra thin, was to not include any interior padding, so the iPhones back rests against the glossy plastic. The gloss attracts dirt ect, and the tightness against the gloss and back of the phone could cause scratches and damage quite easily.

The Gear4 Pop is comfortable in the hand, the lightness and thinness make it less distracting of the original iPhones design. The gloss and colours combine to look modern and sleek but is unfortunately a finger print magnet but is easliy cleaned.

Access to the volume rockers, sleep/wake button, rear camera, the lightning connector and auxiliary input are all easily accessible via cutouts on the case. The iPhones bezel isn't at all interfered with either, which makes using the iPhone far more pleasant and free.

Overall I'd recommend the Gear4 Pop to iPhone 5 users who want a simple stylish clip on case, that provides protection of the rear and sides but don't want to compromise the phones original design. Also it's rather affordable at just £10-£14.92 on Amazon.