Gear4 Totem Case for iPhone 5 Review

The Gear4 Totem Case for the iPhone 5, is very similar in style to the Gear4 Pop Case reviewed a few days ago. The biggest difference is the design and materials used but the shape is identical.

The cases plastic is thicker and more rigid in comparison to the Pop Case. The plastic is matte black and the rear of the case is coated in aluminium. The aluminium has a totem poll man sketched onto it and makes the design very unique and stylish. I love the way the sketching changes it's appearance in the light too. The case is sort of a hybrid original iPhone 5 design and I like that a lot.

The added aluminium adds a strong layer of protection which surprisingly doesn't appear to scratch with frequent usage. The rigid plastic coupled with the aluminium will hold up, in the way of protection if you were to drop your iPhone 5. Mild scrapes and bumps shouldn't be an issue either, it's a great case to have on your iPhone with pocket use. However the screen and bezel are completely exposed, worth keeping in mind.

Getting the iPhone into the case was easy enough, the case gives a very definite snap when applied. Removing the iPhone isn't too much trouble either.

Using the Totem as my daily case for a week, I can say that I'm finding it very comfortable. The edges are smooth along with the rear of the case and it doesn't add a lot of bulk either.  

Cutouts for the rear camera with flash, volume rockers, sleep/ wake buttons, mute switch, lighting connector, speaker and auxiliary input are all precise and allow easy access to the functions of the iPhone.

The Gear4 Totem case for the iPhone 5 is thin and light, yet rigid. Offers full un-compromised access to all iPhone functions and the appearance has a novelty charm.